The Qi Organic Floral Rose Jasmine Iced Flower Tea

Jasmine Rose Iced Flower Tea

Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if you ate a bouquet of flowers? Maybe you hadn’t thought about it before… but I bet you are now! ...

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The Qi Organic Iced Rose Matcha Flower Tea Latte

Rose Matcha Latte

Everyone loves a simple and easy Matcha Latte, but questions seem to arise when you add Rosebuds in! Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers here! It’s ...

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The Qi Organic Butterfly Pea Good-4-U Iced Flower Tea

Good-4-U Iced Flower Tea

We made the prettiest drink that will make you glow inside and out! Our Good-4-U Iced Flower Tea is exactly what it sounds like… Good for you! This...

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The Qi Organic Earth & Sky Flower Tea Latte with Butterfly Pea and Rose Matcha

Earth and Sky Matcha Latte

What could be better than a nature-inspired latte?! Our Earth and Sky Latte is beyond our wildest dreams in beauty, and also is full of amazing hea...

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The Qi Organic Rose Flower Tea Matcha Coconut Water

Rose Matcha Coconut Water

Energy and Electrolytes… What more could a person need from a drink on a hot day? This super simple Rose Matcha Coconut Water recipe is the best fo...

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The Qi Organic Rose Flower Tea Raspberry Soda

Rosy Raspberry Soda

The summer is only just beginning! With the weather getting hotter and hotter, we thought we’d share a super simple recipe for the most refreshing...

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