Royal Chrysanthemum


Feel a sense of balance and vitality. 
Reset from within. Ultra healing and delicious this chrysanthemum tea have a delicate fragrance and a mildly sweet, herbal flavor with notes of honey.

 ] Organically grown  
 ] Antioxidants  
[ ✓ ] Vegan  
 ] Zero calories 
 ] Non-GMO 
[ ✓ ] Naturally caffeine-free


  • 9 x Individual whole chrysanthemum flower packets
  • 1 flower =  3 cups (after the 1st steep, refill hot water 2 more times)

Jiangxi, a southeast Chinese province across from HK, known for its pastoral landscapes of rice paddies, rivers, and mountains, centered on the Gan River valley.

Fun Fact:
Chrysanthemum originated a thousand years ago in the Song Dynasty (year 960–1279) in China. Chrysanthemum flowers come in many varieties, but the one we offer is a particular varietal called ROYAL CHRYSANTHEMUM as it was gifted to the Royal family at the time.

Customer Reviews

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Tea For Two

Bought this as a birthday present for my forever friend who lives in another state. Purchased one for me and one for her so that we can have tea together from afar as we chat on the phone.

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My fav

I really like this flavour. I've learnt to take it our in I'm making less than one pot cause it gets super intense but in a good way. Has a herby but floral taste.

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Subtle, Pleasant, and Healthy

It is very subtle in flavor and color and very pleasant to drink. I like knowing it is helping my immune system. The flower is lovely. I drink it during the day, while I drink Rose in the evening. My favorite is Rose, but I haven’t received a review request for rose.

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Lovely Flavor

Light, lovely flavor. The chrysanthemum treat is a real treat and the beautiful blossom can really brighten any gloomy day.

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Pristine chrysanthemum 🌼

This is a sublime, pristine flavor of an over looked flower! Delightfully fragrant!
It keeps its incredibly shape after 3 fillings. Next to the Rose, it’s my favorite one!

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