The Qi Sourcing Map

Creating a Better World

100% Traceability  

We don’t buy loads of anything from questionable sources. Every single flower and product we offer is traded directly and equally with the people we know, respect, and admire deeply for their craft. 


Equitable Pricing

Pay the price that enables growers, makers and artisans earn a living income and the ability to produce their best work. This is necessary to create a more equal world and be the change we want to see. 



Organically grown edible whole flowers are extremely difficult to grow. They are either full of pesticides and chemicals or pests and diseases. Every step of the way of our flower cultivation and every single product is cared for by hand with love.



We’re on a mission to generate more joy and positive impact with everyone we come in contact with. From the annual Send Free Flower Teas to giving back to local nonprofit organizations such as CAAAV, Heart of dinner, HerJustice and more, help lifting up others along the way is a part of our DNA.


Fresher Flower Teas

The Problem

For too long, tea farmers have been pushed and squeezed by many large corporations in order to offer tea bags that cost pennies to make. They are caught in a poverty trap and exploitation where general consumers expect teas to be cheap (and often low quality).

The Solution

By working directly with small farms we can stop the vicious cycle by offering a higher price for their 100% hand picked harvests, so money can be put back straight into the land for regenerative farming and farmers' hands to improve their livelihood. 

A Better World 

We can’t do it alone, but TOGETHER, with your support and help we can create more positive impact all around us. Using flowers as a vessel for more joy, hope, love, connection, and change the world for the better. 



Spread The Joy

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