Trio Petite Flower Teas


A set of NEW petite flower teas! 
Wake up all of your senses for a moment of inner bloom. Welcome the new spring season with these three iconic petite flower varieties and experience beautiful moments of blossom and expansion. This is a line of trio petite flowers that took us over a year to taste, source, and create. It also comes in a beautiful customized hand-painted watercolor gift box inspired by the flowers themselves.

Butterfly Pea: Notes of subtle citrus fruits and herbs. In India, this flower is revered as a holy flower used in daily Puja rituals. Add a touch of lemon juice & watch the color change from blue to purple!

: Delicately sweet and lightly fragrant in both aroma and taste. Lovely on its own, wonderful to enjoy with other herbs and teas as well.

: With hints of rose and light honey notes enjoy this as tea and more.

Set contains:
1 x Jar Butterfly Pea 
1 x Jar Jasmine flower
1 x Jar Rosebuds

All are:
[ ✓ ] Organically grown  
[ ✓ ] Antioxidants  
[ ✓ ] Vegan  
[ ✓ ] Zero calories 
[ ✓ ] Non-GMO 
[ ✓ ] Naturally caffeine-free

NOTE: if you're pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your physician about the consumption of herbal flower teas. 

Pour hot water (190-195°F) over 3-5 flowers in a clear glass cup/mug, cover, and let it steep for 3-5 mins. Sip and enjoy this beautiful cup of flower tea.

Bringing you joy is our no. 1 priority so we offer a 30-day happiness guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, you may return your package to us for a refund or store credit anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase. We’ll even provide a free return shipping label!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tina N. (Tennessee, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!

Gratitude for this liquid Light!

Patricia T. (North Carolina, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
Great new additions!

I love the new flower trio teas! Jasmine has always been one of my favorite teas and I was super excited to find it as a full flower tea. It’s great by itself, but I like to mix it with the blue lotus tea before bed. I also love the rose and mix the small rose buds with the big rose bud tea for a beautifully relaxing tea anytime. I love the butterfly pea as well and usually drink that by itself. I can’t wait to try some of the tea recipes.

Alysha C. (Missouri, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
Happy Tummy

The taste is yummy to my tummy. I can’t wait for my daily afternoon cup of tea. My family is hooked on Qi.

Correta B. (Illinois, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
Best Flower Teas Ever!

I recently bought a teapot set just so I can use these teas....I love how there are 3 different kinds. The first one I tried was the butterfly pea. I thought it was so dope that it changed color just by adding lemon! Super fun to watch! Lol I then tried the rose tea...OMG! It smelled just like roses and tasted so good!! I have yet to try the last year but I'm sure I will love it! I hope this trio continues to forever be sold because I will definitely be being more!

R.S. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
Such an exquisite set

I fell in love with the set when it was unveiled on Instagram and immediately placed my order. The packaging is sturdy and looks beautiful when set out on the counter. When opening the package you see a short description of each of the teas. Underneath are 3 colorful petite jars of flowers, ready to be enjoyed. I’ve only tried the jasmine so far and it’s light with a sweetness that’s relaxing. I’m looking forward to trying out the others. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

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