The Qi Organic Jasmine Rose Flower Jelly Tea

Jasmine Rose Jelly Tea

Ever sipping on tea and wish you had something sweet to nibble on? We got you covered! While boba can definitely suffice that craving, jelly turns...

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The Qi Summer Blues Blue Lotus Butterfly Pea Latte Recipe

Summer Blues Latte

Feeling the summer blues? We feel you. A few months into every summer, we're reminded that life must still go on normally, even when the weather i...

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The Qi Organic Rose Flower Tea Matcha Iced Tea Latte

Rose Flower Matcha Iced Tea

It seems we've gotten ourselves hooked on Rose Matcha, but it's a habit that we're not ready to give up yet! So instead of stopping, we're sharing...

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The Qi Organic Chrysanthemum Rose Flower Tea Spring in a Cup

Spring in a Cup

Floral, fragrant, and beautiful. What more could we ask for? Spring in a Cup is a super simple recipe that captures all of our favorite things! Th...

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The Qi Organic Raspberry Rosy Love Flower Tea

Rosy Love Tea

A sprinkle of rose, a handful of fresh fruit, a dash of sweetness... Are we making a love spell or a flower tea recipe? Rosy Love Tea is both! Ros...

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The Qi Organic Floral Rose Jasmine Iced Flower Tea

Jasmine Rose Iced Flower Tea

Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if you ate a bouquet of flowers? Maybe you hadn’t thought about it before… but I bet you are now! ...

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The Qi Organic Iced Rose Matcha Flower Tea Latte

Rose Matcha Latte

Everyone loves a simple and easy Matcha Latte, but questions seem to arise when you add Rosebuds in! Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers here! It’s ...

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