The Qi Organic Moon Day Butterfly Pea Jasmine Chocolate Flower Tea Bomb Recipe

Moon & Stars Flower Tea

National Moon Day is celebrated on July 20th every year in the U.S. to honor the first time we landed on the moon in 1971. The Moon has such stron...

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The Qi Organic Rose flower tea Banana Coconut Nice Cream

Rose Pistachio 'Nice' Cream

Happy National Ice Cream Day! To celebrate, we answered our own prayers for an ice cream that is delicious AND healthy enough to enjoy all the tim...

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The Qi Organic Sparkling Honey Yuzu Fruit Rose Matcha Flower Tea Recipe

Sparkling Honey Yuzu Matcha

This might be our favorite matcha recipe yet! The yuzu fruit originated in China over 1,000 years ago and is super nutritious with vitamins A, B, C...

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The Qi Recipe for Organic Jasmine Rose Flower Tea Jelly Gelatin

Jasmine Rose Jelly Cake

This might be the most beautiful dessert we've ever seen! Our Jasmine Rose Jelly Cake is sweet, fresh, and low in calories, which means you don't ...

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