Shangri-La Rose tea sachet 
1 Lemon
A Sprig of Mint
¾ cup of your favorite lemonade or homemade lemonade
Filtered water
1 large 2" or 2.5"  ice cube tray

The Qi Rose Mint Ice Cube


  1. Prepare Shangri-La Rose infusion following the instructions on the sachet
  2. While the flower is steeping, pluck mint leaves off the stems and slice lemons thinly and quarter them to fit into the cube tray.
  3. Remove the rose from the tea and place onto a paper towel to dry off. Carefully pluck the rose leaves individually and line them separately onto a plate.
  4. Arrange lemon, mint, and rose petals into the ice cube tray. Add the rose petals to the bottom of the tray and weigh it down with a piece of lemon to ensure rose petal doesn’t float to the top. 
  5. Pour half of the ice cube with lemonade and the remaining with Rose infusion until it’s filled to the top
  6. Freeze 6-8 hours or overnight
  7. Enjoy with lemonade or your favorite drink 

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