Bamboo Tongs

Handmade bamboo tong. 7" in length.

Use the tong to keep the flower submerged in the hot water and swirl it around for visual splendor.  The perfect tool to complete your daily flower sipping rituals and more.

We chose bamboo because the material is light, strong, flexible, and sustainable, symbolizes longevity, and, according to the tenets of Feng Shui, brings luck and prosperity to the home. 

Customer Reviews

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nancy (Illinois, United States)
A definite must!

The Bamboo Tongs add luxury and sophistication to any tea ritual. They are very well made and clean easily. A definite must!

Brittnee P. (Texas, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
Love The Qi

The Qi is a tea lover's dream come true!!!

Jennifer (South Dakota, United States)
Just so beautiful

I enjoy these beautiful teas and gift them to many of my friends.

Amanda E. (Texas, United States)
The best Rose tea

This whole rose tea is the best. Its aroma when steeping and how beautiful it looks in my tea cup is so relaxing its a high quality product. Enjoy cold brew or hot brew. It also calms upset stomachs.

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