The Power of Healing with Water and Energy

Countless studies have proven the healing effect saying positive affirmations can have on our overall well being- regardless of how awkward it may feel to tell ourselves how amazing we are. Our brain is wired to confirm our beliefs and manifest them into our physical reality, so by creating our own ritual of repeating positive mantras we can build motivation, confidence, and love for ourselves. This mindfulness can be implemented into our daily routines through one simple element, water! Water has been used in countless sacred ways since ancient times through religious and spiritual blessings, for cultural cleansing rituals, and personal healing as a therapeutic tool. 

Water Ritual

Dr. Masuru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has dedicated his research to understanding the power of positive thinking and how humans can change the environment around them with their thoughts and intentions. He tested this theory by placing portions of cooked rice into two containers. On one container, he wrote “thank you” and on the other, he wrote “you fool.” He instructed students to read the labels out loud each time they passed them. After 30 days, the rice labeled ‘thank you’ showed little to no change, while the rice labeled  “you fool” was molded and rotten. He also did many experiments that included photographing the crystalline structure of frozen water before and after “treating it” with either positive or negative statements. He found that the structure of both the positively and negatively treated water changed after treatment. With this, he found that the positively treated sample created aesthetically appealing structures, whereas the negatively treated sample did not create noticeable patterns or structures. If harsh words are doing harm to rice, imagine what they are doing when we say them about ourselves.

Everything around us is made up of energy, which can never be created or destroyed, but can be transmuted through intentional programming. Programming is something that can be done to any object. In fact, you may be unconsciously programming your objects already... All you need to do is focus specific thoughts and energy into your chosen object:

  • Hold or touch the object of choice.
  • Think about what your intention for this object is.
  • Visualize and experience how it would feel when this object serves its purpose. 

After programming, the object will emit the same energetic vibration of your intention back to its environment. Even if your goal is as simple as programming a pen to make your handwriting better, or as daunting as programming a rose quartz crystal to attract your soulmate, this practice helps you direct your energy towards your goals in order to bring them into fruition.

So why program your water?  Water is one of the most important things for the survival of all beings. The human body is made up of 70% water which makes it one of the best mediums for transmitting energy around our bodies because the properties of water are made to reach every cell and subatomic particle. Knowing this, we can use water intentionally as the mode of transferring energy and messages to the deepest levels of our DNA. Here are some ways to create your own ritual using positive affirmations and water...

A Cup of Water for A Quick and Simple Ritual

Pour yourself a cup of water and hold it between your hands. With pure energy, channel the intention of what it is that you would like to see in your life. Imagine or simply feel that your intention is being transferred into each atom of the water. When you feel like the intention is set into your water, take a deep breath in and take your first drink. Swallow, and allow yourself  to  feel the message of your intention being carried into every cell in your body. When you’re ready, take your second sip and repeat the process until you feel finished.

Overnight Water with Grounding Intentions

Another option is to bless your water before bed and allow that intention to sit overnight. You can infuse your drinking water with a written prayer. To do this, write down your prayer of affirmation on a piece of paper and then wrap it around your water bottle (glass bottle preferable) before you sleep. Envision a healing light in the water when setting your intention for your bottle. When you wake up, utter the words of affirmation you wrote on the paper out loud, and as you drink this water, feel the vibration of your affirmation as it cleanses and heals every cell in your body. 

Using Healing Water for Cooking

​​Say a prayer for the water you would use for cooking and serving others. Express gratitude and pray that it would cleanse and heal the bodies of those who are going to consume it.

Healing shower

Take a shower, even if you are not dirty.  Have you ever felt heavy and stressed out after talking to a lot of people? Or do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Wash that negativity away by having a quick shower. Turn on the water, and then state out loud “This shower will wash away anything that is not serving me”.  Next, express gratitude for the water for taking away any negative energy. While in the shower, close your eyes and imagine that the water is made from pure, glowing, white light and allow it to cleanse your body.  This is an excellent method for those of us that are highly sensitive “emotional absorbers”, or empaths, to do regularly.

A Healing Flower Tea Ritual

If you are looking for a way to add this method into one of your regular rituals, start with a cup of tea. In many Eastern cultures, it is believed that when the plants bloom, they are at the peak of their life and their flowers are the fruit of this highest level of energy, or Qi (Chi). By incorporating a flower tea ritual in our daily lives, we can level up our positive energy and healing. For many of us, the process of making tea can be a very relaxing experience, from listening to water boil, to enjoying the aesthetically pleasing experience from watching flowers expand. You can program each cup of tea to get the most out of an already enjoyable experience. Do this by blessing the water you put on to boil with pure intentions. While it boils, take the time to meditate and visualize what your life looks and feels like once your intention has served its purpose. Then while you pour the boiling water, state how grateful you are for your new reality. Then enjoy your tea!

Programming your water with positive intentions is one simple way that we all can practice more mindful behavior while connecting with a medium that has been used by our ancestors since the beginning of time. This may not be the final solution to the things that plague us in our daily lives, but it gives us a way to begin to work with them. So, even if you only have a quick moment to take out of your day, let your water know how much you love it, it can hear you! 

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