Hot Rose Cacao

I've been wanting to make a hot Rose Cacao recipe for a loooooonngggg time because it smells and tastes absolutely divine and why not! So when I finally got my hands on some Morogoro Cacao Powder from Burlap and Barrel I had to make this happen.

I thought about a couple of different ways of creating this recipe. If I have time in the coming weeks I might experiment even more to see how the flavors might change with each method. For example, I might blend cacao powder & mylk/milk together first, then add the Rose tea and boil the whole thing on stove top for about 5 minutes. Then mix in the honey after and see how that looks and tastes. I even also experiment with the different kinds of milk vs mylk and see how that changes the flavors.  BUT below is a tried and true recipe that I'm happy to say it is quite delicious. Also very easy and less time consuming.  I hope you try it and love it too... I mean it's basically decadent rosy hot chocolate and it's all the YUMS!



hot rose chocolate flower tea


    1. Pour boiling hot water over 1 Shangril-la Rose tea in a mug or cup to just below half way mark
    2. Let it steep for 5 mins
    3. Meanwhile heat up your oat mylk (or your milk of choice) in the microwave to boiling point
    4. Add Cacao powder and raw honey into the pot of hot mylk/milk
    5. Use a frother to blend well if you like foam or simply mix well to create sweet Cacao mylk/milk
    6. Pour the mixture into the mug/cup to combine with Shangril-la Rose tea
    7. Sip and enjoy the deliciousness 

hot rosy chocolate shangri-la rose tea

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