Blue Lotus


Promotes collagen generation and much more. this Blue Lotus has the tasting notes of rich, floral, and fruity aroma, refreshing and bold flavor with notes of anise and a pleasant aftertaste. 

Much More:
+ helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level 
+ helps maintain a healthy digestive function
+ promotes deep relaxation

[ x ] Zero calories. [ x ] Gluten-free. [ x ] Vegan. [ x ] Paleo

27 servings (9 x Individually Packed Organic Lotus)

How to: 
Pour hot water over 1 flower in a cup and use bamboo tongs to keep flower submerged in water. Watch as the flower resurrect and enjoy the visual splendor. Infuse for a minimum of 3 minutes. Then inhale, exhale deeply and slowly sipping it with positive intentions. For other ways of enjoyment please see our BLOG

An island called South Sea Island (南島) that is known as the Hawaii of China.


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