The Importance of Finding Balance

With the holiday season approaching, we all have a lot on our minds, from planning trips to see family, to buying gifts, to preparing meals, and so much more! With all of this excitement, many of us tend to neglect our normal routines and fall into less ideal patterns. We may have a few too many drinks at the holiday party, break the diet we worked so hard to cement, or skip our daily meditation that we know helps us think more clearly. Rather than feeling disappointed with yourself for not staying focused on your goals, feel proud that you are trying new things and allowing your body a break from its schedule. No matter what may happen to disrupt your routine, as long as you feel happy and fulfilled, you are doing something right! Let’s explore a few tips that can help you keep up with your most cherished rituals this holiday season...

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Group Flower Tea Ritual

One way we can try to involve healthy routines in situations that we are less comfortable in is by introducing these routines to the people around us in a fun way. Let’s begin by expanding our normal Flower tea rituals into a group ritual. Gather the people around you and serve tea to everyone and share the moment of simplicity that comes from enjoying it together. Show the people around you what your normal ritual consists of, and ask for suggestions of things that can be added to make it work for everyone involved. Agree upon a positive intention for everyone to set through this ritual and it will be even more powerful when shared by the energy of more than one person! If the people around you are not normal tea drinkers, check out our recipes for different ways to prepare it to appeal to everyone. Like serving a Rose Mocktail/Cocktail at a holiday dinner or a hot rose cacao while sitting by a fire!

Take Time for Mindfulness

Finding mindfulness in a time of chaos is essential. If you usually are able to involve meditation  into your day, but now are surrounded by family and friends that always want your attention, it can feel wrong to ask for time away from people you don’t get to see often. But if meditating is something that helps you think more clearly and be a better person for yourself and the people around you, it is so important that you find the time to include this in your day. Let the people around you know that you need 20 minutes to be alone with yourself in silence. If quiet is hard to come by in your environment, try meditating with headphones while listening to Solfeggio frequencies or meditation music. You can also try to involve the people around you in your meditation practice by inviting them to share a few moments of silence and reflection with you. It may not be as relaxing as your normal routine, but merely making an effort for mindfulness is enough to feel better!

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Reminisce on the Past

Many of us will be going to our family homes for the holidays. With the hoard of old family albums or memorabilia lying around, this is a great time to reconnect with your past self. This would be a wonderful thing to involve the other people in your life so that you can  reminisce about lost memories together. Find some of these old photos and look at them with the intention of healing your inner child. By looking at these pictures and taking in the feelings that they give you, you can better remember who you used to be and how you used to feel. Take a moment to reflect on your past self and express love to who you used to be, regardless of your opinion on who that person was. Then take a moment to be proud of where you are now and who you have become. Even if you are not surrounded by family or you don’t have any pictures to look at, taking these moments to show yourself love at all stages of your life can be so helpful in feeling more complete. Whether you have accomplished all of your goals or not, you have done so much and contributed so many beautiful things to the world just by being alive. 

Move your Body

If you are the type that exercises often and has found that the holiday season has prevented you from moving your body as much as you would like, try going on more walks. This may seem less intense than your normal workouts, but allow yourself to accept that, although you may not be able to keep up with your normal routine, any sort of action to get the energy flowing in the body is better than nothing. You can invite the people around you to join you on a walk and make it a fun group activity or do it solo. If it is cold you can bring hot flower tea for the journey! Whether it is walking around the neighborhood, to a new part of town, or strolling in the forest, just by getting outside, your body will thank you for keeping up with that movement. 

Express Gratitude

The best way to find peace at any time is by expressing gratitude for your life. Try making a list of 100 things that you are thankful for. It may seem like a lot, but it will really make you think about all of the wonderful things in your life and you may find you are grateful for more than you expected. This is an amazing tool for shifting perspective from a mindset of lack to one of pure love and gratitude. Challenge your family and friends to do the same, then share what you found was the most interesting things you can come up with and why you are grateful for them. We’ll start… We are grateful for hot tea in the winter, fields full of flowers, and most importantly YOU!!

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