The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to begin thinking about gifts for your loved ones, which has proven to be a unique experience for everyone. For some, it is wonderful to be able to thoughtfully consider what to gift someone. Whereas for others, it can turn what is supposed to be the most ‘magical time of the year’ into the most stressful time of the year. Regardless of how the holiday season makes you feel, we, at The Qi, hope this gift guide will help you find a present that will truly show your appreciation for every type of person in your life!

Hostess With The Mostest

It is an extraordinary ability to be able to make people feel special and comfortable in a space that is not their own. People that regularly host parties, events, and holiday meetups put in a great deal of time and effort to make sure that their guests feel taken care of. Returning this favor may be daunting because of the fear of disappointing someone that consistently satisfies the people around them. Thankfully, we have a few ideas of how to celebrate the kindness of the people that like to celebrate everything! 


Bloom Glass Teapot Floral Tasting Collection
Flower Tea Glass Cups and Saucers
Ultimate Wellness Set Flower Tea Glass Cups and Saucers


Self-Care Staples

The holiday season can be an overwhelming time for a lot of us. Through this, it is essential for us to be mindful of our own mental and physical health, as well as looking out for our loved ones who do not show themselves enough love. Some of our self-care staples may be the perfect gift for the person that needs to slow down and pamper themselves…. It may even be you!


Rosy Ritual Flower Tea Set
Daily Ritual Flower Tea Set
Daily Ritual Flower Tea Set

Gifts Under $35

We would all love to be able to spoil the people in our lives with expensive gifts, but it just isn’t in the budget for everyone. Just because we're spending less, doesn’t mean that the quality of the gift must be any less than perfect. Check out some of our products that are under $35 to treat your loved ones without breaking the bank!

Edible Flowers Book Flower Tea and Herbs
Small Glass Cups
Raw Honey Natural Sweetener



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