The Qi Flower Tea Packaging

How To Store Your Flower Teas

If you’re anything like us, you’re sipping on flower teas all day everyday!! But do you know how to store your tea before drinking? How about stori...

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The Qi Organic Flower Teas Rose Lotus Chrysanthemum

What are Flower Teas?

Technically speaking, Flower Teas are not “true teas”, they are Tisanes! So what the heck are Tisanes? Tisanes, often referred to as herbal teas,  ...

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Organic Flower Tea in Glass Cup with Strawberries

Finding the Right Cup of Tea

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water and is grown in every continent, save Antarctica. With hundreds of styles and varieties and ...

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Iced Flower Teas in Various Glasses

Iced Flower Tea

What says hot summer than a cup of refreshing iced tea? It beats us. You know what's better than a cup of iced tea? A cup of chilled whole flower t...

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