How To Store Your Flower Teas

If you’re anything like us, you’re sipping on flower teas all day everyday!! But do you know how to store your tea before drinking? How about storing when you haven’t finished your three infusions? We’ve got the answers here!

How To Store Dry Flower Tea:

We can’t blame you for wanting to display the flower tea box when you first receive it, the packaging is art!! While this is okay for a couple days, our flower teas are best stored in dark, dry conditions. All teas are best when they have as little exposure to oxygen as possible before drinking. Lucky for you, our individual flowers are already packaged in airtight bags for your convenience! We recommend storing your flower teas anywhere that is cool, away from direct sunlight and humidity. 

Pro tip: You can even store your flower teas in the fridge to keep them fresh for even longer!

the qi rose, lotus, chrysanthemum flower teas in glass cups



Storing Flower Tea After Making a Cup: 

If you’ve already made a cup of tea and don’t have time to drink more, but you want to take full advantage of the 3 infusions, follow these steps:  

  1. Pour boiling water over the flower. (To learn what temperatures of water to use on each tea, click HERE) 
  2. Cover the vessel and Allow it to infuse.
  3. After infusing, remove and dispose of the flower. 
  4. Cover your vessel and put tea in the fridge. 
  5. Enjoy within 48 hours of infusion.

After storing your tea, you still have plenty of options of how to enjoy it! You can add ice and drink it as an iced tea (since it's already cold!). Or you can pour the tea into a pot and heat it up to your liking and drink it hot. We recommend, when you do choose to save flower tea for later, that you drink it no later than the following day when the flower is still fresh!

Sometimes, you save a cup of tea in the fridge, come back, and maybe you left it for a couple days too many, or maybe it is steeped more than you usually like, or maybe you’re just not in the mood to drink it! Whatever the reason, there is no need to waste it!


How to get the most out of your flower teas: 

The QI Rosewater


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With leftover Shangri-La Rose tea, you can make rosewater! Rosewater has been used for thousands of years as a perfume and a beautifying tonic. It is excellent for soothing and balancing our skin, and it is super easy to use! Save your extra Shangri-La Rose tea, follow these steps, and reap the beautifying benefits that the rose has to offer!

 Floral Steam and Bath


Doing a facial steam is incredibly beneficial to our skin, as well as our sinuses. By steaming, we are opening up our pores, loosening up buildup of dirt and oils, and promoting circulation in our skin. It also helps to relieve sinus congestion and headaches that are caused by this buildup of pressure. If you have leftover flower tea that you're not in the mood to sip on, make a steam! You can use any combination of flowers that you’d like, and even add in some essential oils, herbs, spices, or whatever you have in your home! 

the qi blue lotus flower tea latte




If the leftover tea is not made exactly how you usually like to drink it, explore a new way of drinking your flower tea by making a new drink recipe with it! We have tons of recipes for how to enjoy flower tea differently from a normal infusion. My favorite recipes for a leftover flower tea are Flower Lemonade, a Butterfly Pea Cloud Latte, and Strawberry Rose Mocktail! Or you can create your own recipe! We love to see how creative people can be with our flowers! 


With our flowers, there is never a reason to not take full advantage of what they can offer! Whether you drink all three infusions, use the flower for skincare, haircare, or make a new recipe, we hope that you see the versatility of flower tea and make use of every part of it!  

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