At the Qi, we believe in the power of flowers to stimulate a deep sense of holistic well-being for all, and it is incredibly important to us that we shed light on the benefits of incorporating flower teas into your routine to help you concoct your all-natural detoxifying ritual. However, the five main dimensions of holistic wellness are; physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual and, although we know the power of flowers to promote physical healing, there have been various studies that also support the power of flowers to strengthen the four other vital dimensions of total body wellness. Therefore in this journal entry, we will be exploring the question: are flowers the answers to all our problems?
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Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness, as defined by the National Center for Emotional Wellness, is a term to describe your recognition, understanding, and acceptance of your emotions, as well as your ability to effectively manage your emotions throughout periods of challenge and change. Emotional wellness is an integral aspect of total body wellness because when you’re tuned into how you feel, you can more easily become aware of your bodily sensations. Flowers have the ability to comfort, to motivate, instill courage, promote sensations of happiness and shift or alter any other kind of emotion. This is especially evident in the Harvard Medical School study in which participants who had fresh cut flower arrangements in their home for a week had reported feeling less negative and recognized their desire for seeing the blooms first thing in the morning. Similarly, a clinical trial, whose results were published HortTechnology journal, illustrated that patients who were in the process of recovering from an appendectomy took fewer painkillers and had more positive physiological responses when their hospital rooms were filled with plants and flowers, in comparison to patients whose rooms had none. Therefore, in the realm of emotional healing flowers are incredibly powerful.

Social wellness

Social wellness refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Social wellness is at the core of fostering nurturing, supportive, and communicative relationships as well as cultivating a genuine connection with those around you. At social gatherings across the globe, it is our instinct, as humans, to bring flowers at births, weddings, graduations, and even funerals. Furthermore, we have utilized the power of flowers to connect, build community, and bond with those around us and it is evident that flowers have historically been at the center of meaningful social interactions. The language of flowers, also known as Floriography, was created as a form of communication centuries ago at a time where it was not polite or proper etiquette for an individual to honestly express their emotions with another. This was especially evident where strong emotions such as; love, sympathy, remorse and appreciation were present and could not be spoken aloud. Thus, we should continue to look to flowers to maximize social wellness and increase positive interactions with those in our lives.

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness provides us with systems of beliefs, values, ethics, guiding principles and morals. Spiritual wellness allows one to enjoy a life consistent with his or her’s own belief and moral systems, while they simultaneously establish feelings of purpose and find meaning in their actions and life events. Flowers have the power to assist us as we continue to connect with our spirituality and mindfulness as enhancing your overall sense of well-being and your understanding of your place in the world can also contribute to your physical and total body health. Furthermore, an awesome way to promote an environment for self reflection and tranquility is with the use of a spiritual bath to cleanse the mind and soul. Flowers are one of the most powerful ingredients that supercharge the bathwater with healing vibrations and positive energy that helps you remove blockages, hurts, pains and situations that are no longer serving you in any constructive way. Additionally, even simply spending time in quiet reflection or writing in a journal can promote your own individual spirituality. And, when flowers are incorporated into the spaces you spend the majority of your time in there is an immediate feeling of mental clarity and tranquility which helps put the mind and spirit at ease.

Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness refers to an active participation in cultural, community, and educational activities. It is vital to gain and maintain intellectual wellness because it broadens knowledge and skills in order to live a stimulating and successful life that values creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning. There are numerous flowers known to promote intellectual wellness such as the peace lily which when added to spaces you spend a majority of your time in can influence your mind to become less cluttered and distant due to the physical symmetry and white color of these flower buds. In addition, to promote creativity the cypress flower is not only a delightful star shaped flower but also has a potent aroma which boosts creativity. Therefore, flowers also have the power to promote intellectual wellness.

So, you decide, are flowers the answers to all of our problems?

Pink flower arrangement

Pink flower arrangement


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