I feel like in our previous posts, we talk very lightly of flowers. This week though, we should get a bit more intimate. Let's talk about the language of flowers. You've seen them in passing, and maybe picked a few or bought some at the grocery store to liven up your space, but do you really know what that flower means or what it's trying to say? All flowers speak to us, but what they say is always different so we must always be listening. Find out how down below. 


the language of flowers and floriography

The language of flowers, scientifically known as floriography, is a cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Have you ever wondered why we use red roses to show our love, or carnations to send well wishes? The answer is floriography.

The meaning of flowers and what they say has been developing for thousands of years. European, Asian, and African cultures all observe flowers with various meanings, their scriptures have floral symbolism, and the same ideas have even transferred over into Western culture. They are house emblems and state signs, and we give them for almost every occasion. So what are they saying? Next time when you go to give, or even receive, a bouquet, refer to this list to understand exactly what you might be saying...

  • Lilies - devotion, purity 
  • Daisies - innocence, loyal love, I'll never tell, purity
  • Gardenias - You're lovely, secret love, modesty, sincerity
  • Orchids - love, beauty, refinement, a beautiful lady
  • Red roses - love, respect, commitment, passion
  • Sunflowers - loyalty, adoration, longevity, happiness
  • Tulips - deep love, rebirth, fame 
  • Peonies - romance, prosperity, happy marriage
You can find extended lists here and here

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