Virginia Sin is a ceramicist and the mastermind behind SIN. It was birthed from a passionate side hustle and daydream. Her beautiful ceramics and housewares are neutral colored, minimal, and hand-built by clay landing in her places like Need Supply and Food52

Sin ceramic

What is one of the most exciting things you are looking forward to for SIN in the new year and new decade? 

We are looking to move into a new space since we are currently in 5 smaller separate rooms. I look forward to expanding and setting up our new multi-use headquarters. 

How did the environment you grew up in effect the way you design today? 

At SIN our mission is to create warmth and happiness to homes across the world by putting the fun into the functional. I would say this mission statement is 100% a reaction to my childhood and the environment I grew up in. I can use design to self-medicate and course-correct quintessential elements of the home that were missing for me in the past. 

Who do you keep in mind when you’re designing? 

I don't have a particular person in mind but rather I make sure it evokes an emotion of warmth, happiness, fun, and function.

Sin ceramic by Virginia sin

What inspired you to choose ceramic as your medium? 

Ceramics really chose me. Clay keeps you humble. No matter how many years of experience you have with it, things can still go wrong. I love that you can transform a block of clay into anything you want. Yet there are so many steps after it has taken form, where things can go wrong. So it always feels like a miracle when you pop open the kiln.

Who is your biggest influence on your work today? 

My grandpa. He was a Renaissance man: maker, inventor, carpenter, dumpster diver, engineer, gardener.... a clever and curious man.

Sin ceramic

Where are some of your favorite places to visit in New York for design inspiration? 

New York Public Library Art and Architecture room, people watching, Noguchi Museum, the MET.

How do you integrate wellness in your day to day while working in a studio? 

I try to hydrate and remember to breathe through stressors. I meditate the first thing when I wake up in the morning before I do anything else. I also enjoy Vinyasa yoga, do at least 2 face masks a week and have a 10 step facial routine which always makes me feel like I am spa-ing at home :) 

Virginia Sin ceramic

What does wellness mean to you? 

Wellness means living an authentic life.

In spirit of Lunar New Year, what are some joyful practices/traditions that you grew up with that you have carried on in your adult life? 

I cut my hair once a year during this time and like to clean my apt. I also will cook up a huge feast. This year I tried making Korean food and made batches of dumplings so my freezer is currently very well stocked!





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