7 Ways to Dispose of Flower Tea

Have you ever had a hard time throwing your flowers away when they begin to wilt? Us too. We get the same feeling when we have to throw away our whole flower teas after drinking all 3 infusions. To combat this feeling of wasting such beauty, we came up with a list of some of our favorite things to do with your flower teas when you can’t drink anymore tea! 

Rose Flower Tea Farm compost 


The first, most obvious thing you can do with your flower is to give it back to where it came from… aka compost it! All of our flowers are 100% organic with no added preservatives, making them perfectly safe to compost. Feel free to add your finished flowers to your compost bin if you have one. If you don’t have a compost bin, you can literally just throw your flower out into the dirt or bury it in your yard. The flowers will decompose, so you can always feel free to return it to the earth it came from! You can even make a ritual out of returning the flower to the earth! 

flower ice with rose flower tea

Flower Ice

Our favorite thing to do with a leftover flower is make flower ice! It’s super easy and leaves you with the prettiest ice cubes to use for your iced tea, cocktails to impress friends, or just to add to your water for a little more beauty. All you have to do is take your leftover flower, add it to an ice tray, and cover with water or tea, and voila! We have a whole Flower Ice recipe if you want to make it yourself! 

flower tea floral bath with rose petals jasmine and relaxing herbs

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Flower Bath

Picture this… the bath is running, your face mask is on, you’ve set the music and the ambiance is perfect and you’re sipping on a cup of flower tea waiting for your bath to fill up. What could make this moment more perfect? A floral bath! Just go ahead and take the flower from your cup, and throw it into your bath with you. You can even pull the petals off the flower and spread them all around the bath or on your body to feel extra flowery. If you want to really plan your floral bath, check out our blog with instructions and ingredients for the most relaxing and rejuvenating floral baths

the qi rose chrysanthemum and blue lotus whole flower tea infusions

Flower Water

Simple, effortless, beautiful… isn't that what we all want? Well then you can use your leftover flower to add a little extra beauty to your water. Just take your flower and pop it into a jug of water and voila! A perfect display for everyone to think you’re so put together when really you’re just finished with your tea. Add some fruit and herbs for an extra beautiful hydrating drink. 

the qi whole organic chrysanthemum flower tea with doodle drawings

Flower Art

For the creative types, one thing we love to do with our leftover flowers is to make art. Have you ever picked up a leaf or a flower and dried it between the pages of a book? This is like that! Just take your flower out of your tea when you're finished and leave it on a plate or a paper towel until it has dried. Then you can use the flower for collages, add to paintings for a floral touch, and anything else you can think of! Or you can pick all of the petals off the flower while it is still wet and paste them to a canvas and see what inspiration it sparks. The options are truly endless when it comes to creatively expressing yourself through flowers

Rose Matcha Flower Cake

Flower Food

For our chef friends, you can add your leftover flowers to your dishes! All of our flowers are completely edible and add a lovely, floral touch to any meal.You can use the flowers in salads, since the freshness of a salad would complement the flowers well. You can remove the petals and decorate a cake with them. You can even make jam out of them! With cooking being an art form, adding flowers to your dishes is sure to elevate your creativity in the kitchen. 

three flower spell jar with rose lotus and chrysanthemum

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Flower Spell Jar

If you’re more of the witchy type, or even if you’re just testing the waters, a spell jar might be fun for you to make! Spell Jars are spiritual tools that people use to work with energy in a physical way. By working with energy in company with things from the natural world, the energy is even stronger, therefore the intention is stronger. Spell Jars were originally created in the 17th century for protection to ward off bad spirits. These days, all different types of people make spell jars for a number of reasons, including jars for happiness, wealth, peace, and love. Below are just a few ingredients you can add to make yourself a self love spell jar:

Self Love Spell Jar:


These are just a few things that can be done with your flower teas instead of throwing them in the garbage.... the list can go on for days! We would love to hear your favorite ways to capture beauty without holding onto waste! 

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