Try This 4-Week Spring Cleanse for Weight Loss

Spring is the best time of the year to get back to those healthy habits you might’ve lost track off over the winter months. As Spring starts to bring warmer weather, it’ll get easier to spend more time outdoors, eat locally grown fruits and vegetables, and stay active. 

Before we dive into our favorite healthy habits for this spring cleanse, we want to say that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. While it’s easy to attach your weight to your overall health, they’re not always connected with one another. Plus, by focusing on a holistically healthy lifestyle instead of an endless cycle of diets, you’ll be more likely to lose weight and keep it off. 

Today, we’re going to share our 4-week spring cleanse program to jumpstart your health. This program will include a weekly introspective activity, a weekly affirmation, and weekly goals to help transform your mind, body, and spirit. The spring cleanse is here to help you feel better, work better, and live better, but we are not medical professionals so feel free to adjust this program to your liking.

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Spring Cleanse Week 1

This spring cleanse is all about you! It’s not only about cleansing your body by eating well and staying active, but it’s also about cleansing your mind. On your first day of your cleanse, write a few paragraphs about where you’re going to be a month from now. The key to this exercise is writing down your thoughts in the present tense. For example, if we wanted to start our challenge March 22nd in four weeks it would be April 19th so we might say:

Today is April 19th and I am feeling so incredible. My 3x weekly workouts have me feeling strong. I wake up in the morning every day full of energy and ready to be productive. I am staying hydrated by drinking my daily herbal tea, lemon water, and fresh juices. My skin is glowing and I am meditating every day even if it is only for a few minutes. 

This is just a short example, but the more in depth you get, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. In fact, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down. Also by writing your goals in the present tense, you’ll be able to subconsciously visualize your goals as something that is currently happening rather than something that will happen in some far away future. (1)

If you’re not sure what to include in your goal setting paragraph, here are some questions you can use to inspire you:

  • How are you feeling? 
  • What positive daily habits have you added to your life? 
  • What negative habits have you been able to curb? 
  • How are things going at work? 
  • What kind of thoughts are you having on a daily basis? 
  • Are you thinking positively or negatively? 
  • How is your self-talk? 
  • How are you spending your time? 
  • Who are you spending your time with?
  • What is bringing you joy?

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Daily Positive Affirmation

I am worthy. I am loved. I am enough.

Get this mantra into your life in whatever way you can. We suggest repeating this mantra five times in the morning and five times before you go to bed. But, you can also write it on a sticky note and put it in a place where you’ll always see it like your refrigerator or desk. You might consider journaling on the mantra. What do each of these words mean to you? What would feeling worthy look like? How would feeling loved change how you go about life?


Daily Goal

This week’s goal is all about adding more movement into your daily routine. Research suggests that as little as fifteen minutes of exercise a day can add three years to your life! Plus every additional fifteen minutes of exercise you add into your daily routine will lower mortality by another 4%. But besides that exercise can help improve your mental health and mood, keep your mind sharp, and improve productivity. (2)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), light to moderate exercise can help strengthen your Qi, or life force. On the other side, rigorous exercise can deplete your Qi, leaving you feeling burnt out and exhausted. So make sure to listen to your body. The suggested form of exercise in TCM is Qigong, which is a gentle flow of movement, breathing, and meditation. There are a bunch of Qigong videos on YouTube and a lot of them are under 30 minutes. Today decide how many times you want to exercise and keep the checklist somewhere you can see it. Challenge yourself, but don’t go overboard.

If Qigong isn’t your thing, other light to moderate exercises include tai chi, yoga, walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, pilates, and gardening. But remember that this week is all about you so if a good HIIT workout or an intense ab-burning session is what makes you feel good, do it!

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Spring Cleanse Week 2

Week 2 is about reflecting on the habits that might be keeping you from achieving your goals. Before we push forward, we need to get to the core of what is keeping you from feeling 100% yourself. First, write down a list of things that you are always saying to yourself. At first it might be hard to pinpoint these thoughts, but they’ll come to you! 

Maybe you’re saying things like “I’m too busy to take care of myself,” “I have the worst skin,” or “I’m afraid of commitment.” The words we say to ourselves are so powerful and if you’re constantly thinking negative or limiting thoughts, you are affecting your life more than you might think. 

If you don’t believe us, a few years ago IKEA did this incredible experiment where they had two plants that received the same amount of sunlight and water. The only difference between the two? The words they were hearing on a daily basis. One plant was constantly hearing a recording of someone saying things like “You’re a mistake,” “You’re useless,” and “You’re not even green.” The other plant was constantly hearing a recording of someone saying things like, “I like you the way you are,” “Seeing you blossom makes me happy,” and “You are beautiful.” (3)

Thirty days later, the plant that had been listening to negative words all day was yellowing and drooping, but the other plant was thriving and green. Imagine how different your life would be if you were constantly telling yourself things like “I like you the way you are” and “You are beautiful.”

Once you’ve written down all of your negative or limiting self-talk, it’s time to dial in on how you’re benefiting from them. That’s right, we’re keeping up with all of these self-imposed limits because they’re doing some sort of good. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you’re afraid of commitment even though you really wish you could be with somebody. By saying you’re afraid of commitment, you’re able to stay single and when you’re single you get to be independent, live your life without thinking of someone else, and not have to open up and be vulnerable to someone new.

Once you write down the positive side to your negative affirmations, thank them and release them. Then, you can look at each one and say, “Thank you for trying to (keep me safe, keep me independent, etc.), but these words no longer serve me.

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Daily Positive Affirmation

My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.

Try to repeat this mantra as often as you can! Write it in a note on your phone and screenshot it and then make your screensaver, repeat it every night before bed, or sleep with it written under your pillow. Try to do whatever you can to get yourself believing that you are indeed healthy, brilliant, and tranquil. 

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Daily Wellness goal

Last week we focused on adding movement into your day, this week we’re going to focus on eating well. Our world is busier than ever. We’re working longer hours, sleeping less, and eating on the go. This means it can feel hard to have the time to cook a nourishing meal. This week try looking on Pinterest or wellness blogs for some quick, healthy meals that make you hungry. By committing yourself to a few delicious meals, you’ll be more likely to add them to your week.

You can also try sneaking greens into anything you make. If you enjoy smoothies, try adding some spinach. If you like a warming cup of soup, try making a homemade soup filled with your favorite vegetables. You don’t have to cut out the things you love, but instead focus more on ways you can add healthy food into your diet for more balanced meals. Plus, you can even still enjoy sweet treats like our Rose Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark



Spring Cleanse Week 3

During week two, we focused in on negative and limiting self-talk and how you’re benefiting from it. Now that we have released your limiting thoughts, it’s time to rewrite them with positive affirmations. If you’ve been telling yourself “I’m not good enough,” start telling yourself “I AM good enough.” 

It’s likely that those limiting thoughts were things that you had been telling yourself for years. They might even be thoughts that you developed as a child, which means resetting your mindset will take time. If you want some tips to creating a powerful affirmation, you can check out our blog post, The Power of Affirmations.

Once you have your list of affirmations, keep them where you can see them. Just like our daily affirmation from last week, consider reading them every morning and every night!

Daily Positive Affirmation

This week, instead of giving you a daily affirmation, take the affirmation that touches you most and really visualize it. You can do this by creating a vision board surrounding what it really means to live by your affirmation. You can also illustrate your affirmation using watercolors or colored pencils and paste your creation in a room where you can see it every day. 

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Daily Wellness Goal

Stay hydrated! According to Harvard, staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients to your cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. And this probably isn’t too surprising. Everywhere you look on the internet, there is usually telling you to drink more water whether it’s to help you lose weight, get clear skin, or combat wrinkles. (4)

If you’ve tried and failed to drink more water during the day, try filling up a water bottle and adding a rubber band to the bottom every time you finish it. By keeping track of your water intake, you’ll be more likely to keep drinking. Also, drinking with a straw can help you drink more quickly. If water isn’t exciting to you, herbal teas, like this Chrysanthemum adaptogen tea, can also contribute to weight loss and be super hydrating.

Our teas can be some of the best herbal teas for weight loss because they're not caffeinated. Sticking to decaffeinated herbal teas can help you stay hydrated because caffeine acts as a mild diuretic, which will cause your body to lose some of the liquid you’re drinking.

You can also try adding things like smoothies and juices to your diet, which are both hydrating as well!


Spring Cleanse Week 4

Woo you made it!! You’re so incredible for making it all the way to week four. This week’s activity is to look back on the little paragraph you wrote one month ago. How is your present looking compared to the future you predicted four weeks ago? If you stuck to this program, we’re pretty sure that you completed a big chunk of what you thought you would! 

So now it’s time to do the same exercise, but a little more intense. Now we want you to imagine where you want to be in one year. You can answer some of the same sort of questions you answered last time, but you can also get even more specific. You can write down where you’re living, what job you’re doing, what you see when you open your closet, and even where you’re traveling. You really want to go big or go home with this one. If you truly believed that you could do anything, what would you do? What would your life look like?

For this activity you definitely want to write more than a few paragraphs and be as detailed as possible. Once you have everything written down in the present tense, you can take things a step further by creating a mood board either on Pinterest or in real life. You can also try reading it out every morning. 

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Daily Positive affirmation

I am capable of more than I know. 

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Daily Wellness goal

Craft your own wellness ritual! Having a daily moment for wellness is so important, which is why we consider our teas more of a ritual than a simple drink. We want to help busy individuals feel a sense of joy and inner calm on the daily basis. It can be as simple as using the three minutes to brew your tea for a three minute breathing exercise or meditating every morning for five minutes.

There are a lot of activities out there that promote mindfulness, so it’s really about finding the one that works best for you. This week we want you to focus on adding little moments of mindfulness and relaxation into your day.

A few examples of mindfulness activities include:
  • Mindfulness coloring
  • Forest bathing
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Body scan
  • Journaling
  • Stretching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Herbal tea ritual
  • Meditation 

Try out a few of these mindfulness exercises throughout the week and see which ones you can see yourself adding to your daily routine.

With that, we finish up our four-week spring cleanse! We hope this experience will help you blossom. 🌸

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