In today's Flower Person interview, we talk with Jessica Chia, contributing editor at Allure magazine - with many other titles under her belt. 

We are so excited to be featuring her this week, and we hope you enjoy this interview as we dive into the topics of floral connection, self-care rituals, and starting a business. Happy reading!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m a contributing editor for Allure magazine, a full-time MBA student at USC (on a finance track), a commercial actor/model represented by DDO Artists Agency in Los Angeles, and a certified aromatherapist. That means wearing a lot of role switching in any given day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love reading, writing, and hosting or presenting on-camera, and all of my activities involve those to some degree.

The Qi Interview Jessica Chia

That's amazing. You definitely lead a busy life. Where would you say your love of flowers comes from and what drew you to them? 

I first really felt connected to flowers when I was becoming certified as an aromatherapist. We think of flowers as small, ornamental, and delicate, but they hold some of the most potent chemical compounds and can be truly therapeutic.

What do they mean to you? 

I feel there’s always an association with flowers and time--they’re so temporal. They bloom and fade, so you have to appreciate the fleeting time you have with them. Not unlike humans. To truly drink them in, you have to stop, take time, and focus on their beauty. Also not unlike humans. Aside from adding beauty to the world, I feel that they’re a great reminder of how we should be relating to the people around us, both those we already love and those whom we have not yet come to understand or appreciate.

I love that concept. It definitely makes you take some time out of your day to literally and figuratively smell the roses. How do flowers play a role in your life today?

Well, during the quarantine I was given a beautiful orchid plant. It’s been really nice to have something to take care of during this time, and it cheers me up all day long because it’s so happy (every single bud has blossomed)! It gives me so much hope about the ability for life to flourish in small places and difficult times. 

Do you have a daily ritual? And if so, how do you incorporate flowers into it? 

Well, I do LOVE to start the day with a floral tisane from The Qi. Lately I’ve been drinking Shangri-La Rose. It’s such a calming blend. Another side effect of the Stay At Home order is that I can really watch it bloom as I sit through a morning class or write, and I might refresh it a few more times throughout the day. It’s so much nicer of a ritual for me than buying a coffee and swigging it while I’m in an early meeting or on the run. I usually have a lavender essential oil with me to inhale before a big presentation or deadline, if I need to calm down. I also love to mist myself with Lotus Wei’s Infinite Love Mist, which is a combination of rose essential oils, honey, and flower essences like fireweek, yarrow, lotus, and Hong Kong Orchid. 

I love to hear that! I personally am drinking the Chrysanthemum tisane. And you're totally right, spending a little bit more time on self-care in quarantine is so important. Is there anything special you’re working on right now you’d like to share?

I have quite a bit coming out on and in the issues in the coming months! You can find it all under my name on the site. 

So exciting. I'll be sure to read. Do you have a favorite flower or floral scent that inspires your work?

Definitely rose scents and tisanes. They keep my mood bright. 

The Qi Interview Jessica Chia
Same here. I especially love rose water. Where do you find flowers inspiring you in the future of your career?

Hm. I don’t know now and I think that’s a good thing! I think they’ll continue to be a thread that takes shapes I can’t even imagine now. I would love to start a jewelry company someday and could definitely see flowers being a part of that. 

Finally, what’s a wellness tip you’d like to share with our community?

In between Zoom meetings I YouTube 10-minute yoga routines and always try new ones. It’s perfect for my busy schedule right now because I don’t usually have the time to dedicate to a full 30-minute practice between homework and deadlines. 

If you'd like to connect with Jessica on Instagram or read some of her work, you can do so below:






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