Hey everyone! The FP interview you've been waiting for is finally here, and this week we're talking to Bonnie Crotzer. While you can sometimes find her at a retreat, dance class, or teaching fascia flossing, she is also the co-founder of the awesome activewear brand called Ghost Flower. If you want to learn more about Bonnie and what being a Flower Person means to her, keep reading!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi! My name is Bon, I grew up in Santa Barbara, Ca. I currently live in NYC, working on Ghost Flower, an activewear brand I co-founded with Susie Peebler, and Kaita Mrazek. Our clothes have meridians and acupressure points woven into the designs, it acts like a body road map, empowering you on your way to your healthiest self. Also, folks come to me so I can help them clear out scar tissue and dense fascia. Otherwise you will find me in the dance studio, taking contemporary or ballet, or teaching fascia flossing at Skyting Yoga.

That sounds so innovative! I'll have to get myself a piece to try it out. Everything else you do sounds so fulfilling, it's really awesome. Where did your love of flowers come from and what drew you to flowers? 

I have always appreciated the miracle of growth, the miracle of diversity - all the flora that emerges from earth, from soil. My dad is a gardener, we we would play outside, I ate plenty of dirt. My mom knows how to appreciate beauty, and she taught me how to love a simple rose cut from the garden. Shared family pleasures were taking about what kind of tomato was going to ripen fastest, taking the first juicy bite in July, smelling the roses and comparing their scents (Double Delights almost always won), running out to the garden for an herb to sprinkle into the pan. And then, my first job was at the local urban center for agriculture, one of the first established permaculture farms in the USA, Fairview Gardens. My eyes were opened even further to a world that was beyond organic and where kale was cool way way before anyone touched that tough green leaf.

I love that! It sounds like the start of a great foundation and love for the natural world. And speaking of the natural world, what do flowers mean to you? 

Flowers are a symbol of thresholds in life...The sweetest, most delicate pronouncement of the warmth to overcome the chilly, deep, quiet of winter. They are the exquisite illustration of the space between youth and maturity. In their whispered heralding of warmer days to come, they remind us that we live our lives on the altar of impermanence. The tender petals at first, so bright in all their glory, will soon be wilted, giving way to a matured seed that will fuel the next life cycle.

How do they play a role in your life today?

Outside, I surely notice flowers, let my awareness soak up their specific kind of Qi- their energy is life-affirming. I will be the helpless romantic, telling my friends to stop and smell the jasmine on a summer night. In the spring, I always buy myself daffodils - our most courageous of all flowers: to pop their sprouts out of the ground first, they remind me to hang tight when I become restless for winter to call it quits. Flowers are celebratory, and I love to receive them and give them in appreciation of a special moment, our thresholds, markers of endings and beginnings.

Yes! Floral Qi! Flowers provide such an unexplainable effect on us, both physically and emotionally. I love it. How do you incorporate flowers into your daily ritual? 

 In SB, where I can forage flowers, I eat them. In NY, I often drink them in the form of tea. If I have flowers at home, I place them where I will first see them when I wake up, it’s like a flash of happiness, as my eyes open. 

Same here. Florals and bouquets always seem to provide life to a place that you can't duplicate. Is there anything special you’re working on right now you’d like to share?

Right now, we are working on sharing acupressure and fascia flossing that supports the immune system, as it’s a very pertinent topic right now. We want to remind folks how incredible the human body is, constantly blooming and wilting....Miraculously adapting.

Do you have a favorite flower or floral scent that inspires your work?

Goodness, how to chose, I think I would have to consider the Five Elements which categorize the energetic umbrella for different human behaviors...Ylang Ylang brings out My fire element, for a romantic evening. Basil flowers take me into the stillness of summer and the Earth Element. Sage for me, is elevating and links me to the metal element. Rose, ethereal like the qualities of the water element, reminder to be fluid. And for the Wood Element, Bergamot, for a crisp citrusy reminder to be bold.

The association of extracts with elements is beautiful! I've never really thought of it in that way. Where do you find flowers inspiring you in the future of your career?

Our name, Ghost Flower is inspired by the actual flower that lives in the California deserts. It turns translucent when it rains and it is strong-surviving for long amounts of time without water. Talk about primordial Qi! There is a lot of back story behind the name and I could go on, but mainly, we truly want to empower women around their self care rituals, and make Chinese medicine more accessible and fun for everyone. We have found that this medicine has made us stronger, more vital, and it’s something that we can lean back into, as life has presented a heavy dose of uncertainty. We want our followers to have the same sense of steadiness as they incorporate some simple Chinese Medicine practices into their daily life. We hope all the educational opportunities we provide, help.

Yes, they really do! Finally, what’s a wellness tip you’d like to share with our community?

Learn an Acupressure point! Find one that you connect to, and practice everyday, watch it change day by day and over time. I suggest trying LI 4 if you haven’t done any points before. Find it in the webbing of your first finger and thumb. Gently pinch, hold for 90sec (not for pregnant friends). I call it the Alpha and the Omega, it’s good for many ailments, including headache, digestion support, energy, congestion, and much more!


If you would like to learn more about Ghost Flower's products or connect with Bonnie, check out the links below!

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