Give Your Flowers A Second Life!

If anyone has ever given you a bouquet of flowers or if you've ever had a bouquet of flowers in your home we all can agree that the hardest part of receiving flowers is throwing them away once those beautiful flowers begin to wilt. However, dried flowers are still full of color, have an awesome aroma, and have an abundance of texture too! Therefore, we have shared some ways that you can give your dried flower bouquets a second life!


Make a scented room spray from your old flowers!

A scented room spray is the perfect way to continue to incorporate the smell of flowers into your home!


  • A handful of dried flower buds
  • Your favorite essential oils
  • 6oz of distilled water
  • 2 tablespoons of vodka or gin
  • An empty 10oz glass spray bottle


  1. Clean out an empty glass bottle and add 6oz of distilled water or until the glass bottle is about three fourths of the way full.
  2. Take your essential oils and add 20-30 drops into the water.
  3. Measure two tablespoons (1 oz) of vodka or gin and pour into the bottle. For every 6oz of distilled water you should use about two tablespoons of alcohol.
  4. Take your dried flower petals and add them to your bottle.
  5. Put the lid back on the bottle and shake it a few times to mix the ingredients!
  6. Spray this mixture around your home for a delectable floral scent! 

Make a fragrant homemade potpourri!

A Potpourri is a simple mixture of dried, fragrant flowers and spices, used to provide a soothing natural scent while adding beautiful decoration to any setting.


  • Dried flowers
  • Essential oils
  • Dried herbs
  • A decorative sealable bowl or jar
  • Decorative rocks (optional)


  1. Make sure the flowers from your old bouquet are completely dry! (It takes flowers about two weeks to dry completely)
  2. Add your dried flowers, a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and other herbs or spices you want to include to a sealable jar! Some of our favorite spices to include in our potpourri are; dried mint leaves, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla beans.
  3. Tightly seal the jar, and let this mixture sit and infuse for about two weeks. The longer the container is sealed, the stronger the scent of your potpourri!
  4. Open the container and add your potpourri to a decorative bowl or centerpiece along with other decorative rocks you've chosen and enjoy!

Make flower tea!

If you have access to organically grown edible flowers. Pick them at peak time - usually hours after sunrise when they are fully blooming. Dry them up. Store in an airtight container and enjoy the flower tea for months to come! 

Some other ways you can continue to get the most out of your old flower bouquet is by making; a floral bath with the dried flower petals, scented flower water you can spray on yourself and your linens, dried flower tea, or a diy floral sage stick!


If you try any of the recipes we've shared above, please do let us know what you think!




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