Blue Lotus flower hand harvest 2021!

It's been thousands of years since Blue Lotus originated from Ancient Egyptian civilizations as it flourished along the Nile river. Today Louts flowers across Asia is known as a sacred flower as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.  The flowers of Blue Lotus are highly valued for their exquisite beauty, intoxicating aroma, and their bliss inducing effects.


As an edible flower, Blue Lotus is known for promoting deep relaxation and euphoric bliss. As we have been selling out of our Blue Lotus, they are being hand harvest as we speak! Here, we take you on a tour to witness its beauty and magic. 


blue lotus flower

As an aquatic plantBlue Lotus grows in ponds and other bodies of water emerging from the primordial waters to bloom once a year for only three days. Here, our expert growers hand harvest and collect bounties of stunning lotus flowers.  

blue lotus pond

blue lotus flower hand harvest

Based in LaiNanDao (the most southern island of China) between the time difference (they are 12 hours ahead of us (EST of NYC), the pandemic, global warming, working with these small family growers over seas has been one of the most rewarding and challenging things for us.  Endless working days well after midnight ( in order to catch their day time) to communicate and get updates on the growth of the flowers, blooming time, and planning for harvest. So receiving these beautiful harvesting photos and sharing updates with you is all so worth it.

blue lotus flower tea drying 

Once they are all hand picked, and it truly takes a village because it is very important the full blooms are harvest at their peak in the same day before they start to wither.  Then they are laid out to dry shown here. 

bee on blue lotus

While in the drying process, the blue lotus flowers welcome their little friends Bees to come and pollinate. Once they are fully dried, the Blue Lotus then are individually sealed, boxed and ready to be enjoy by you. 

Thank you for reading and we can't wait to receive this year's new harvest and share them with you!


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i want to get 2-5 kg Blue Lotus Tea

yana November 05, 2021

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