The Qi's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Looking to gift something joyful to your loved ones or even yourself this holiday season? We’ve got you covered with this holiday gift guide, full to the brim with mission driven, women owned, small businesses. Make purchases this holiday season with the help of our gift guide.


Gifts under $25  

Palermo body soap mini soap collection

$18.00 Palermo Body’s 3 Mini soap set

Choose from 5 gorgeous soaps, made from natural and gentle ingredients made to best serve individual skin characteristics. Ethically made and vegan friendly, this mini soap set is not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside too.

Purple Giant Scrunchie


$20 Giant Cloud Scrunchie

A cloud hug for your tendrils. Looks suuuuuper chic in a low pony and V cute in a high pony. Try it out! They have the magic to dress up any outfit. Hand made by Room Shop in Philadelphia, PA

The Qi small glass server, wellness, tea, flowers



$19.00 The Qi’s Small Glass Server

This serving minimalistic and durable vessel from the Qi is everything you need to elevate your tea drinking experience. This makes a great gift for any tea lover you know but the vessel can be used for just about anything.

Complete eats cookie pack variety pack vegan

$11.99 CompletEat’s Variety Cookie Pack

This plant based, certified vegan and gluten free cookie pack is the best way to satiate the WFH hangries. The vegan friend in your life deserves to indulge this holiday season and it could be thanks to you!


Gifts under $50 

Whiled puzzle collection ladies who lounge 1000 piece

$37.00 Whiled’s Ladies Who Lounge Puzzle

Gift your loved ones self care in the form of a puzzle! This one from Whiled is a great gift to help slow down and detox from the day. Made ethically on recycled paper, this 1000 piece puzzle doubles as a work of art--once completed of course!

gift guide

$30.00 Allyoos’s Juice Drench

This Juice Drench is plant based and works wonders for any hair type. Its all natural ingredients ensure that the hair hydrated and softened in the most gentle way possible.

The Qi floral tasting collection flowers tea wellness beauty



$36.00 The Qi’s Floral Tasting Collection

With the hectic vibes surrounding this holiday season, this gift is a no brainer. The Floral Tasting Collection is vegan, all natural and caffeine free. This gift ensures a relaxed, refreshing holiday.

Ojook oral care the perfect scene

$45.00 Ojook’s Perfect Scene Bundle 

This bundle, valued at $63, is a great under $50 gift to give anyone who loves minimalist aesthetics. Not only is this bundle organized and balanced, it promotes healthier oral hygiene! We all deserve to love brushing our teeth. 



Gifts under $100 


Diffuser and Bottle

$55.00 Sage Collective’s Roses Diffuser 

Candles can make everything a little better. A gift box of three scented soy candles. Hand-poured premium soy blend wax infused with fine perfume grade

 fly by jing sichuan pantry spice lovers

$88.00 Fly by Jing’s Ultimate Sichuan Pantry

Bring the heat this winter with Fly by Jing’s discounted Spice Lover’s bundle! This is a terrific, tasty addition to a spice lover’s pantry.

the qi special connection flower tea set with tea pot and tea cups



$69.00 Special Connection Ritual Set

Unwind at the end of a long day by sipping on a warming cup of flower tea with a beautiful ritual set. Perfect to enjoy alone and to share with loved ones.

Virginia Sin Collections prong fruit bowl

$84.00 Sin’s Prong Fruit Bowl

Gift this Prong Fruit Bowl to anyone whose kitchen counter could use a little love. This addition is sure to liven up the place and take fruit storage to the next level.


Gifts under $200


The sill beginner bundle plants soil

$108.00 The Sill’s Beginner Bundle

Know someone who's trying to become a plant parent? The Sill has got you covered. This beginner friendly kit takes the confusion out of caring for plants, in the most adorable way--I mean look how cute!

The Qi Ultimate Wellness flower tea package



$155.00 The Qi’s Ultimate Wellness Set

Show your loved ones just how much you care for them by gifting them Ultimate Wellness! Delicious floral tea, stunning design and relaxation all wrapped up with a nice bow. It can't get better than this.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Bean pitcher

$195.00 Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s Bean Pitcher

This playfully unique pitcher makes a great gift! It comes in 4 different colors and is absolutely gorgeous. Use it as a serving vessel or as a decoration piece and you’re sure to get lots of compliments!

Framed Florals pressed and framed flowers

$175.00 Framed Florals’ Pressed and Framed Flowers

Gift a hand-made, one of a kind framed work of art to anyone on your list. This gift lightens up the room and brings joy to its viewers. The framed florals in this collection are stunning!  


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