Flowering Into Fall

Different seasons require different teas to help your body and mind to transition into the new season. Below is our advice on how to keep blossoming with us this fall.


A new fall season means different humidity levels and bringing on drier air and skin. The best way to keep your body in tip-top shape is to consume enough water- luckily for us, tea helps you stay hydrated and counts toward the ‘eight glasses a day’ total! We recommend drinking Shangri-La Rose Tea to stay hydrated.

organic rose whole flower tea in glass cup


Replenish Antioxidants

After the summer fun and sun exposure, your skin might be left depleted of antioxidants and dermatologists recommend replenishing internally through supplements or foods/drinks that contain high levels of antioxidants. We recommend our Royal Chrysanthemum Flower Tea to supplement the lack of antioxidants and keep your skin looking and feeling the best.

Royal Chrysanthemum whole flower tea in glass cup


Boost Your Immunity

Going into a chillier season might leave your immune system open for a cold or allergies that keep you from enjoying the changing seasons. Keep your body and allergies in check by drinking tea before going to bed to prepare you for the day ahead. We recommend drinking both Shangri-La Rose Tea and Royal Chrysanthemum together as a way to enrich your body with nutrients to fight off allergy season.

Organic  Whole Flower Tea in Glass Cup

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