Chrysanthemum lemonade popsicle

Total transparency... I have no idea how this came out pink! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Here's the I used. ⁠

🌼 The Qi organic chrysanthemum⁠
🍋 Lemon juice (1 tsp per flower)⁠
🍯 Honey (2 tbsp per flower)⁠
The qi organic flower chrysanthemum lemonade popsicle

- Infuse chrysanthemum + honey with 190F degree hot water (10 oz)⁠
- Let it chill ⁠
- Add lemon juice and stir to mix⁠
- Transfer the flower into the popsicle mold with a bamboo tong⁠ and pour the infusion into the mold⁠
- Freeze overnight ⁠

There might have been some leftover watermelon + pineapple juice in there from the last batch of popsicles I made which could have made this pinker than I expected... If you try the above recipe please let me know if yours turn out pink or yellow?!!!

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