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Anna Condo, Director and Photographer

In today's Flower Person interview, we speak with Anna Condo, a still-life artist, filmmaker, and mother. A self-proclaimed Flower Person herself, Anna describes to us her life, family, and love for the floral phenomena of our physical word. And not only that, but her artwork depends on it. Keep reading below to learn more about Anna and why this is. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
My name is Anna.  I am Armenian, I grew up in France and have lived in the US for almost 30 years.  I am a mom of two amazing grown daughters, a filmmaker and a photographer.  I photograph flowers daily, and sometimes also at night.  I am absolutely taken by their beauty, color, shape, form, and movement.  They are my tireless muses, for sure.  

Yes, I definitely see that in your Instagram. Your photography is one of a kind. Where did your love of flowers come from and what drew you to flowers? 
Since childhood.  Everyone in my family loves flowers, my mom, my dad, my two brothers.  Good food, art, music and literature were the main topics growing up in my house, but above all I was taught that nature, trees and flowers are the greatest gifts life offers.
What do flowers mean to you? 
They embody life, grace, elegance, humility and incredible strength.  I look up to flowers.  I aspire to what they symbolize to our whole world, visible and invisible.
anna condo flowers
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➔ Reflection … ©️Anna Condo

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That's beautiful. I wish we would all aspire to do just that. The world would be happier. How do flowers play a role in your life today?
I am surrounded by them.  While my morning coffee brews, I make my selection for next photo shoot.  I look at them all around my small kitchen.  That is where they are stored, with the AC on so that they live longer in the cool temperature.  This first look is mutual, they look back and ask for their portrait.  Other times, I have an idea just before falling asleep at night and the next morning I march into the kitchen and begin the day.  There is also, the whole aspect of taking care of them, cutting the stems, changing the water, sometimes letting them dry out.  They are my art supplies but also my companions in life.  I always feel that we are in conversation.  The rest of my house is filled with tools, props, vases and objects that I incorporate in my work.  
I can imagine that, being in a place full of flowers and plants, and feeling the energy. It's buzzing. How do you incorporate flowers into your daily ritual?
They sort of run my life and it’s a good thing.  A beautiful thing.  I feel whole around them.  Via the ever poetic Christopher Niquet, I have been fortunate to meet maestro florist Zeze.  The truth is I cannot even express how grateful I am for the beauties he sends my way.  Flowers glow in his shop, bouquets dance.  What a beautiful world.
I agree. Is there anything special you’re working on right now you’d like to share?
Beyond flowers, as a non traditional still life photographer, I am now getting more commission work.  It is always interesting for me to see who my work speaks to and why they want to see their product through my eyes.  Also, I am in the early stages of making three dimensional artworks, cased sculptures and altar pieces.  
anna condo flowers
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➔ Roses … ©️Anna Condo

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That sounds like a worthy endeavor! Do you have a favorite flower or floral scent that inspires your work?
Since I was 20 years old, I have been mixing my own scent.  I have a version for day and a version for night, which is a little more intense and sensual. This scent has found me and I have stuck with it.  Visually, I love all flowers.
Where do you find them inspiring you in the future of your career?
I hope my love of them is spread wide and far.  Career is a word I don’t love.  I find it limited, almost closed off.   I want my life and soul to be my number one artwork, and for this reason I view others and their lives in the same way.  Through my photographs, I would like to touch people I would otherwise never meet.  I know it is a grand ambition, but I truly believe that with the magical powers of flowers, everything is possible.
I completely understand that. What a freeing feeling. Finally, what’s a wellness tip you’d like to share with our community?
Love is everything.  Be kind to yourself and others, the rest follows.  It always does. 
If you'd like to learn more about or connect with Anna, you can find her information through the links below:
* Header photo: Eleonore Condo - Mom, Wave Hill Gardens



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