20 Wellness Blogs to Read Right Now

Nowadays, there seems to be so much information out in the world about how to live, especially mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is also a lot of misinformation out there, but we at The Qi have compiled a list of wellness blogs that combine some of the best health news, yummy recipes, and lifestyle tips to keep you up-to-date and on track.

Some of these blogs I check up on daily, and they include topics anywhere from meal prepping and mindfulness, to motherhood and parenting. There is really something for everyone, whether you’re looking to change up the routine or just try something new. Below are some of the sites that have inspired me, and I hope they inspire something in you as well. 


1. Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is a blog run by founder and mom, Katie, with the help of a team of researchers and medical advisors, that primarily focuses on mindful motherhood. However, there are great tips, beauty DIYs, food recipes, sustainable home and green cleaning how-tos, natural remedies, and a lot of other information if you’re looking to improve certain aspects of life. 

2. Eating Bird Food

    Eating Bird Food isn’t literally a blog about eating bird food, but it’s about the idea of eating healthy food and maintaining a wholesome diet, just as nut mixes do for birds. On here, you’ll find many recipes covering naturally vegan, gluten-free, paleo, low-carb and other diet preferences that are tried and true. You can also find lifestyle, wellness, and touching written posts. 

     3. The Healthy Foodie

    The Healthy Foodie is a great place to start if you’re looking to make a big change or turn your life around. Sonia and her blog are great resources to turn to if you’re looking for honest and insightful articles, vegan (and delicious) recipes, and motivation to become the best you possible. 

     4. Jessica Sepel Blog

    Jessica’s website, JS Health, focuses on the balance of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Backed by a Bachelor of Health Science and more, she tries to help teach others what she has learned about how the way you eat and think really affects your lifestyle. Through an 8-week program and app, you can do this as well, but the website still provides awesome articles and books to kickstart your goals. 

     5. Well + Good

    Founders Alexia and Melisse have created a beautiful web outlet for lifestyle and news dedicated to the wellness industry. Well + Good has been around since 2010, started at the perfect time as the idea of wellness began to boom. It has only increased since then, and the site has made a name for itself as reliable and front-lined. On the blog, you can find posts on beauty, fitness, food, travel, and more. Check it out today!

     6. Fitting It All In

    Clare is a medical student with an affinity for blogging. Fitting It All In has followed her through many important life events and you can follow her through them, too. Blogs have helped me so much because there are people out there going through the same things I am, so it’s great to read up on how others are handling things. If you’re looking to read some awesome research, beauty, life, and relationship advice, this is the place for you. 

     7. Avocadu

    Avocadu is a great resource focused on weeding out the wrong information in the health and wellness industry. In that, the owner Lauren and her business partner have created a site based on confidence, balance, personalization in what we eat. Through Avocadu’s 21-Day Challenge or their blog posts on yoga, healthy living, weight-loss, recipes, and more, you can become a little bit more confident too.

    8. MindBodyGreen

    As their front page says, MindBodyGreen’s mission is to connect soul and science. From home, integrative health, spirituality, recipe tips and more, MBG has become one of my personal favorite blogs. They have modern and meaningful content that keeps me up-to-date, while simultaneously helping me support my own mental, physical, and emotional health. Check them out! 

    9. The Good Trade

    As per their bio, The Good Trade is a leading resource and community (!) for sustainability, slow living, and self-love. I’ve read some of the best articles from The Good Trade, and my current read is The Art Of Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously. Take a look at that one, or any of the other awesome self, home, culture, fashion, and beauty posts. What’s not to love?

    10. Blood + Milk

    Blood + Milk talks about the things that should be topics integrated into more conversations every day. Everything from menstruation to menopause, you can find a post on it. Some other tags include sexual health, body positivity, birth control, abortion, pregnancy, etc. B+M is an important resource for those who don’t know where to get any answers, and is one of few sites that cover everything under these categories. 

    11. Darling

    Darling Magazine is a beautifully put together set of resources that doesn’t even compare to any typical online publication. I can’t list them all, but read over the reasons they are different here. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, take a stab at this article here. I’m reading it now and find it so insightful. Let us know what you think!

    12. Lottie and Doof

    L+D is a solely food-based blog, but one of the best. Tim, L+D’s writer, says he focuses most on cooking, hosting, and the politics of food, but you can find some life updates and thoughtful posts here and there. I particularly love the gift guides. You can always find something far out in those. Let us know if you buy something from them!

    13. Fit Foodie Finds

    Right on the front page name, it says “where healthy meets delicious!”, and they weren’t wrong. I have found some of the best recipes from this site, and I just had to share it with you. My favorite part is the slew of oatmeal recipes the site has on file, especially this one. On top of oatmeal, Fit Foodie Finds also covers meal prep tips, lifestyle ideas, and other (non-breakfast) recipes. It’s an amazing find itself, too.

    14. Peanut Butter Fingers

    PB Fingers, run by Julie, is a blog about “life fueled by healthy food and fitness”. This mantra comes through in each post, even the quick life updates about holidays and family outings. It also shows in posts about workouts, recipes, travel, and more. Julie even included sections on pregnancy and baby updates. Whether you need some info or reassurance, check those out! It’s overall an honest resource. 

    15. Art of Healthy Living

    This online publication creates a healthy mix of beauty, health, fitness, food, and more. With articles posted almost every day, there’s something new to learn literally. I have been loving the series articles written in lieu of Covid-19, but I’ve also checked out some other everyday articles and they really do convey the fact that healthy living is a true art.  

    16. Bites of Wellness

    Ever taken a literal bite of wellness? This website will help you do so. It focuses mainly on food with gluten and dairy-free, low-carb, whole30, keto, etc. preferences, but all in the name of being well and maintaining a healthy diet. Check out their Buffalo Turkey Meatballs, or if you don’t eat meat, maybe their Moroccan Cauliflower. So good, and great alternatives!

    17. Oh She Glows

    Whether you’re online or on the app, you can join a community of over 1 million people on their journey to health. Oh She Glows is an award-winning recipe blog and makes it their mission to share with you the best recipes out there (or made in-house with the Oh She Glows Cookbook). However you glow, this site will definitely help you maintain it!

    18. Calm Blog

    We’ve all heard of the Calm app, and if you haven’t, go check it out right now. But if you have, Calm also has a blog you can follow for mental health and wellness tips that you won’t necessarily get from the Calm sessions online. Anything from gratitude to music to free resources, you can find them here and kickstart your journey to less stress and breathing deeper. 

    19. Mellowed

    Mellowed is another great health and wellness website. Their articles focus on various topics from CBD to the harms of self-diagnosing, and none would necessarily be what you’re looking for. However, they turn out to be something you never knew you needed. Check out their resources today and see if you can’t find a reason to be more mellow. 

    20. NPR Shots

    NPR itself is an amazing organization keeping us all up-to-date in an increasingly crazy world. I personally love their podcast and on-air conversations, but the Shots tab or Health News from NPR is one of the most helpful at this time. Even if you are trying to take a break from the news, I suggest checking this up every once in a while, as they keep information timely and fairly unbiased, a novelty.







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