In Egypt, lotus flowers represent rebirth in the afterlife. In India, the flower petals represent the elements of the earth.

Lotus plants grow in ponds in Asia anchored in the mud… rising to the top bringing forth beautiful white, pink, and blue flowers. 

The Qi's Blue Lotus is 100% organic with zero trace of pesticide. Each flower is hand picked and individually dried and sealed to preserve the most flavonoids and nutrients. 

+ Promotes Collagen Generation

Collagen's most well-known benefit is its ability to promote glowing and vibrant skin. This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy. It also helps build muscle and burn fat. It aids in the reduction of cellulite.

+ Promotes Deep Relaxation

Drinking lotus tea regularly can help you to de-stress because it is high in Vitamin B, you also get pyridoxine in the body. This component can directly interact with neural receptors in the brain to influence mental state as well as positive, calm you down, and make you feel more grounded and connected.

Organic blue lotus
+ Promotes Healthy Level of Blood Sugar 

High in potassium, it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If you experience symptoms like constant thirst, increased urination, sudden weight loss, fatigue or low energy levels, it could due to high blood pressure. Lotus tea makes your blood vessels more relaxed thus improving and increasing blood flow and regulating blood sugar levels.


+ Maintains Healthy Digestive Function

Lotus tea contains a lot of fiber and can promote large intestinal peristalsis and help digestion which can remove toxins. It has been known to facilitate absorption of nutrients by triggering the secretion of gastric and digestive juices in the intestine. By partaking this food, you can also manage your weight, as you feel full and do not opt for more food.


+ Increases Blood Circulation

Lotus tea is a great way to improve blood circulation and increase energy levels. Iron and copper, which are contained in this drink, are very important for the production of red blood cells. Poor circulation can be very dangerous to one’s health and the symptoms include cold fingers and toes even when it’s hot outside, numbness, lack of energy, dizziness, cramps, and headaches.

+ Supports Mental Function

Lotus tea can actually be beneficial to your cognitive function. Zinc, a mineral contained in lotus tea, is shown to pair up with vitamin B6 and improve the function of neurotransmitters.