The Qi whole flower rose, chrysanthemum, lotus tea

Flowers as a vessel for love.  
Flowers as a vessel for beauty.  
Flowers as a vessel for healing.
Flowers as a vessel for well-being.  
Flowers as a vessel for connection. 
Flowers as a vessel for unity.


We believe in the power of flowers to promote a deep sense of holistic well-being for all.  We believe in the power of flower sipping rituals that are rooted in time honored wisdom for love, beauty, and connection. That's why we started The Qi. It's how we wish everything good for you could be this simple and beautiful.

The Qi Flower tea


A moment of Zen, beauty, and joy - away from the stress of frantic modern times to slow down and revitalize the mind and body. For thousands of years cultures around the world used certain flowers to beautify and heal. Rooted in these time-honored rituals these healing whole flowering herbs are deeply nourishing, grounding, and revitalizing. We so hope you start enjoying them and let us know if your experience has blossomed into something beautiful. Send us feelings or floral emojis any time to 

flower field


Flowers give life to the planet. Flowers carry the seed for new life. Flowers make our air cleaner. Flowers add beauty to the world we live in. Flowers sustain us as nutritious foods for bees, birds, other animals and humans alike. Flowers give us hope. We plant new flowers every spring. We hand pick every single flower to further reduce our carbon footprint. We source from legacy terroir that has cultivated and celebrated our prized flowering herbs for centuries and are owned by family of growers that use organic cultivation methods.



“Qi” (or “Chi” means Life Energy) stands for the energy in all things, the vital energy forming part of any living entity. Flowers contain the most Qi. According to ancient Eastern philosophies when a plant flowers it is believed that it’s at the peak of its life and the flowers are the fruit of this highest level energy Qi. When we enjoy this wonderful flower Qi it can help us heal too. 

The Qi founder Lisa Li


As a child who grew up in a coastal town in Asia, I drank a lot of herbal teas with my grandma. And those moments were some of the most nourishing and healing times of my life. Holistic wellness for me as a child was much like brunch… it was simply a way of a joyful life. 

Fast forward 20 years later I was living in NYC burnt out, stressed and anxious. I wanted to go back to a time where wellness was simple, beautiful and authentic. I took a trip to Shangri-la and came across these one-of-a-kind Roses the locals enjoy - I’ve never experienced anything so beautiful and transformative. I quickly realized unless you’re from these small remote villages on the high mountains next to Tibet you would never have access to it.  So I set out on a mission to bring these high-quality food-grade flowers to the world so you can easily reap their amazing health benefits.

After over a year of research, tens of thousands of miles traveled, and 100+ flowering herbs tasted The Qi was born. We work with small family-owned farms that only offer single-origin whole flower herbs as these flowers consistently yield the richest flavonoids, nutrients and aroma. We so hope you find them delightful.

Drink flowers. Be well.
-Lisa Li