Our Mission

Qi (chi) pounced chee means life energy or life force in Chinese.

The Qi is a new wellness brand inspired by ancient Eastern holistic healing wisdom. Our mission is to make wellness simple and joyful so that you can easily reap the health benefits from these time-tested products and rituals. We started the Qi because there are many proven eastern beauty/wellness traditions that could really benefit all of us in the frantic pace of modern living, but often they are low quality, too complex, or too difficult to access. So we started The Qi and set out on a mission to change that. 

Our Beliefs

We believe beauty and wellness as two sides of the same coin, healthy is beautiful. We also believe deeply that the best way to true wellness is through healthy and joyful living that will promote the quality of life for the long term. It’s about a proactive approach to wellness where consistently taking best care of yourself is the best cure.  

The Qi flower

Our Products

We began with rare flowers as they have long been used in history for its holistic healing properties due to their beauty and potency (packed with powerful antioxidants and much more). They are also believed to have the most Qi (life energy) in Traditional Chinese Medicine because plants flower when they reach their peak and climax, flowers are the result of this massive (Qi) energy.  When you ingest all that Qi from the flowers you also benefit tremendously. 

The Qi Rose tea

Our Flowers

Our flowers are large, whole blooms directly from the farms that have been cultivating healing flowers for generations. Every harvest, the flowers are carefully hand-picked by expert growers just hours after sunrise when they are fully bloom. Then they are painstakingly hand-selected for their aroma/wholeness/petals quality. They are then laid out by hand for drying. Once dried, each flower is individually sealed for long-lasting freshness and ease of use and delivered to you. All of our flowers go through 3rd party lab testing here in the US to verify their purity and potency and to ensure you're using only the highest quality. Always.




My name is Lisa and I was born and raised in a small coastal city in Liaoning - 10 hours northeast of Beijing. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandma who made me the most nourishing herbal tonics on a regular basis. Just like brunch... herbalism and holistic wellness was simply a way of life.

I moved to the US at the age of 14 and experienced the total opposite approach to wellness (or lack thereof at the time). On a mission to return to a time where wellness is simple and joyful, I set out to make a change so everyone can access and benefit from these healing products and rituals.

After over a year of really hard work, The Qi was born. We are so excited to share with you these beautiful and powerful flowers for when you need a moment in a busy day to stop and rejuvenate, to restore and rebalance. A moment to breathe while enjoying the delightful sensory experience for a healing and nourishing time. Enjoy it as the perfect healing daily ritual for yourself or share it with friends. We hope you find it as delightful as I do!


Much love,