Rosy Ritual Set


In this special Rosy Ritual Set, we collaborated with NYC-based ceramic artist Josephine Noel (aka Recreation Center) to create this customized Rose color glaze on her most joyful iconic Flower Cup. Made exclusively for us to pair with your daily Rose tea rituals. You may never want to sip anything else again. 🌹

Set includes:
1 x Shangri-la Rose tea box (27 serverings)
1 x Flower cup in Rose (handmade in Brooklyn by Josephine Noel)
1 x Handmade sustainable bamboo tong

How to use:
Pour hot water (190-200°F) over one flower in mug, use a bamboo tong to weigh it down so it's completely submerged. Let it steep for 3-5 mins.

Sip and enjoy while taking in the sensory experience of delicate floral aroma and visual beauty of the flower unfurl and bloom again.

Great for:

  • When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.
  • Anytime when you need a moment of relaxation, inner calm and, nourishment.
  • To unwind after a long day in the evening for a better night of rest.
  • To share with a friend or loved one to connect and nourish.
  • Have it as a pairing to your fav snack.
  • Make it into lattes, mocktails, and so much more. Check out our recipes.

Customer Reviews

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K. (Texas, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
10/10 would buy again!

Perfect set to gift people for the holiday season. I hope there’ll be more collaborations with Recreation Center (@josephinenoel) in the future!

Aeisha (New York, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
Such a beautiful gift to myself!!

I love the Qi and there wonderful teas and accessories. You can only imagine how happy I was to receive this adorable pink flower cupbplus my FAVORITE rose tea. Lovely...I can't wait to see what she has in store next.

Alison H. (New York, United States)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!
The gift that keeps on giving

When I saw The Recreation Center announce a collaboration with The Qi, I knew I had to pounce on this. TRC's flower cups sell out so fast on her website. The pink hue looks like a cherry blossom with the perfect shape to display the whole tea flowers. The rose tea is absolutely wonderful and it is an amazing present to yourself to savor.

I have also gifted them to special loved ones and they love the tea--even using the rose afterwards for a steam facial and bath! This is a perfect collaboration to celebrate handmade ceramics and enjoy whole flower tea.

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