Chrysanthemum Flower Infusion


A zero calorie drink. Gluten-free, Vegan, and Paleo.

Delicate fragrance, a mildly sweet, herbal flavor with notes of honey in the aftertaste. 

+ Strengthens the immune system
+ Increases metabolism
+ Lowers blood pressure & cholesterol
+ Promotes heart health
+ Anti-inflammatory

9 x Individually Packed Organic Chrysanthemum (27 servings)

How to: 
Pour hot water over 1 flower in a cup and infuse for a minimum of 3 minutes. Then enjoy infusion. For other ways of enjoyment please see our Recipes

Fun Fact:
Our Chrysanthemum was strictly gifted to emperors to drink in the Ming Dynasty (600+ years ago) for longevity hence the varietal name “Imperial Chrysanthemum”.

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