Who we are:
We are the FIRST wellness brand to bring the most beautiful WHOLE flower infusions to the US. We believe inner and outer beauty are inextricably connected. We also believe in the power of flowers for wellness.

We are a small dedicated team where we take the work very seriously, but never ourselves.

What we believe in:
Success is persistence and journey is the reward.

You are an experienced growth sales/marketing leader based in the NYC area with a proven record, strategic, scrappy, creative and obsessed with data. Also someone:

  • with an outlook of glass is always half full
  • who is a people person (all about making connections and building relationships)
  • who is a self-starter
  • who understands ideas are great, but the execution is more important and the results are everything
  • who have a learning mindset
  • who has the willingness to be wrong and the awareness of his/her own weaknesses
  • who communicates clearly and concisely
  • who has grit
  • who hustles
  • who is obsessed with solving problems
  • who is number, data, and metrics driven
  • who is analytical and creative
  • who is goal oriented
  • who likes an adventure
  • who takes the work seriously, but not yourself


You will:

  • help with the sales and growth of the brand via wholesale partnerships/distributions
  • help brainstorm and strategize plans via other sales/traction channels
  • set goals/metrics to measure success
  • outreach to buyers/decision makers for onboarding wholesale accounts
  • support our retail partners 
  • monitor/analyze for sales on a daily+weekly basis MOM
  • building charts which depict the performance of the business
  • continuously spotting opportunities for improvement, based on the data trends
  • creating strategies and tactics for revenue growth, based on your analysis
  • strategies will cover Sales, Marketing, Product and Retail Partner Success


Our offer:

A great adventure, flextime, a caring boss, a convenient/beautiful workspace/location, and a chance to learn and grow without bureaucracy, and stock options for the right candidate.