The Qi Flower Teas


We believe inner and outer beauty are inextricably connected. We also believe in the power of flowers for holistic wellness. That’s why we started The Qi. It’s how you wish everything good for you could be this beautiful. 


Powerful because of its beauty and potency. For thousands of years, herbal medicine practitioners have long used certain flowers for their medicinal properties to treat illnesses. More than just an old age tale, this application also spans many cultures around the world and in its usage from ingestible to topical. The greatest advantage is that flowers offer completely all natural powerful healing benefits without any side effects. 


What you see is what you get. Organic whole flowers you can recognize. We do not add or mix our flowers with any other things. They are purely whole large blooms. We spent a year traveling in the US and Asia tasting more than 100 different herbs and flowers from a wide range of terroirs before we found these small, family-owned farms that we now work with. All single origin (one farm from one terroir), as they consistently yield the highest quality in purity, nutrients, taste, and aroma. We further guarantee our quality and purity through 3rd party US lab testings. 



Once a year starting from Spring, the flowers (Rose, Lotus, and Chrysanthemums) are carefully hand-picked by expert growers from 5AM - 8AM before sunrise. Then they are painstakingly hand-selected for its wholeness to lay out for drying. It’s very important the picking and drying happen on the same day as to seal in the most nutrients, essence, and aroma in the flowers. The drying process happens in a controlled environment of a precise temperature in order to preserve all the goodness while avoiding the bad (mold and pests). The last step is individually sealing each flower for long-lasting freshness and ease of use - take one to go, enjoy at your desk or share it with a friend.



My name is Lisa and I was born and raised in a small coastal city in China. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandma who made me the most nourishing herbal tonics on a regular basis. Just like brunch... herbalism and holistic wellness was simply a way of life.

I moved to the US at the age of 14 and I experienced the total opposite approach to wellness (or lack thereof at the time). On a mission to return to a time where nourishing oneself was simple and joyful, I set out to create a new wellness brand.

After over a year of really hard work, The Qi was born. We are oh so excited to share with you these beautiful and powerful flowers for when you need a moment in a busy day to stop and rejuvenate, to restore and rebalance. A moment to breathe deeply while enjoying the delightful sensory experience for a healing and nourishing experience. Enjoy it as the perfect healing daily ritual for yourself or share it with friends. We hope you find it as delightful as we do!


Much love,