Rose Flower Infusion


For healthy skin + hair + gut and much more. The Rose infusion has a taste of delicate fragrance, with a subtle rosy flavor and slightly tangy, fruity notes. 

Much More:
+ High in vitamin C 
+ Boosts the immune system
+ Aids digestion
+ Promotes better sleep
+ Reduces period discomfort
+ Anti-inflammatory

[ x ] Zero calorie
[ x ] Gluten-free
[ x ] Vegan
[ x ] Paleo

27 servings (9 x Individually Packed Rose)

How to: 
Pour hot water over 1 flower in a cup and use bamboo tongs to keep flower submerged in water. Watch as the flower resurrect and enjoy the visual splendor. Infuse for a minimum of 3 minutes. Then inhale, exhale deeply and slowly sipping it with positive intentions. For other ways of enjoyment please see our Recipes

Fun Facts:
Rose infusion dates back to AD 980-1037 when it was used to treat skin issues and mixed it with honey for use as a cough syrup. It has an antiseptic and soothing quality and can be used even on sensitive skins. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a treatment for depression and anxiety and to aid circulation. Now we see it in the form of prized rose oil and in aromatherapy. 

Our Rose has been cultivated by generations of farmers and experts in an area near Shangri-La. The varietal name Queen Rose to pay homage to its size and deep red coloring as it yields the boldest nutrients, flavonoids, and aroma. 

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