Flower Tea Lemonade

What's more refreshing than a Lemonade on a hot summer day? 

Answer: Flower Tea Lemonade!

Here's an easy peasy recipe that just takes a few simple steps before you can start sipping on this equally beautiful and delish summer lemonade in no time!

Flower tea lemonade


- Floral Tasting Collection (variety flower tea box)

- Lemonade (we used store bought, but you can make your own if you want something extra fresh)

- 1 cup of boiling hot water per 1 flower tea ratio 



1. Make your flower tea as you normally would by pouring boiling water over the flowers in a vessel. Here we used 2 of each Rose, Chrysanthemum, and Lotus totaling 6 flowers steeped in about 5-6 cups of hot water. Please adjust depending on how many people you are serving. 

2. Let it steep for at least 5 mins. Then either chill it by adding ice or wait for it to cool down naturally.

3. Add equal parts of lemonade to your flower tea and viola! Serve to impress!

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