We recently went to visit our Rose farm in Shangri-la for the Rose harvesting as we launch the new season’s pickings! It took 4 flights and 22 hours of non stop traveling from JFK -> LAX -> HKG -> KMG -> DIG plus another 2 hours of car ride and getting lost multiple times because the GPS has yet figured out its path in this hidden locale (and I hope it never does as sacred places should remain sacred...). It was a rainy and cloudy day when we have finally… arrived. What welcomed us were deep rolling mountains of lush green - far away from any pollution and contamination and far away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

The Qi Shangri-la rose

We planned our trip months in advance to witness the prized 1st pick of the Spring as the Roses do not flower over the winter months. For close to 9 months they take in all this glorious sun, rain, nutrients from the soil, and nature’s energy so the 1st pick of the Spring is the most prized as it contains the highest level of minerals, flavonoids, nutrients, and glory.

The Qi rose farm

Shangri-la is situated in the most southwestern province called Yunnan in China that borders Tibet, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. Yunnan produces 90% of all flowers sold in China and holds the biggest flower market in entire Asia. Our Rose farm is at 10,000 ft above sea level - hence the name high mountain Shangri-la Rose

Every May the famed Roses bloom stunningly. They fully bloom from Rosebuds to large flowers after the sun rises in 2 - 3 hours. Then each Rose is handpicked just minutes after they are fully bloomed in order to preserve all this gloriousness. 

According to my QiGong master - when plants flower they are at their peak and climax, so the flowers contain the most life energy. When people ingest these flowers that massive life energy gets transferred to us to help us heal and strive too. 

All along the way, the expert growers check for quality, flower fullness, flower wholeness, aroma, and more. Then every single rose is laid out on cotton mesh by hand to dry right after. Again to preserve all of its goodness. Then each is hand packed, sealed and boxed to be enjoyed wherever you are around the world.

 Some fresh petals also get made into a local delicacy Rose pastry.

The Qi Rose pastry

The Qi rose pastry

The filling is made of only two ingredients: fresh rose petals and local honey. 

The pastry is a light, rosy and sweet treat. I might just try to make this now that we are back in NYC to bring me back to this profound Rose harvesting trip! If you have any questions or just want to say hi you can always reach me at 

Till the next time! Sending you much love, light, and flower Qi. 

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