Ryan Lopes, Creative Director

For today's Flower Person Interview, we chatted with Ryan Lopes, a creative director from New England with an eye for contemporary art and style.

Ryan has styled and photographed for Sigil (whose interview you can also read here), LESSE, Pigment Studio, Kye Intimates, and Perfumes by Rihanna (yes, the Queen RiRi). As shown throughout all of Ryan's visual outlets, he maintains a thoughtful and cohesive aesthetic. His clean, captivating imagery caught our eye as we were scrolling through Instagram and serendipitously came across his profile. Today, we talk about the inspiration he gathers from his East Coast background, flowers, and shared community values. 


Hi Ryan! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I am a creative director and content creator based on the East Coast. I currently live in Rhode Island and am drawn to the art, slowness, and authenticity of international cultures in my hometown. It’s contributed to all the ways I’ve evolved.


Our environments transform and inspire us, but there's no place like home. Have you traveled anywhere else on the East Coast?

As mentioned, I currently live in Rhode Island. It is where I am born and raised. I really love the sense of slowness here, as we are centrally located around most larger cities (Boston, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire/Maine). I’ve been fortunate to spend time in almost every part of this coast and it endlessly inspires me to remain in the now.

I've noticed you have quite a few stunning photos of flowers and botanicals on your profile. Can you tell us where your love for flowers comes from or what first drew you to flowers?

My love for flowers developed early in my career when I began to take more interest in laying out my space and styling it to my liking. I’ve always been drawn to cleanliness and space, incorporated with light and flowers to converse with any space as something serene and uplifting. They are the treat or fruit to our sentiments.

That's such a beautiful take on the ethereal nature of flowers. What’s your favorite flower and why?

I really am drawn to tulips and the way that they are so simple and accessible to contribute to beauty in any space. I guess it is a very humbling flower. I also love calla lilies and how they were displayed throughout the narrative of Robert Mapplethorpe.


I love seeing the tulips in full bloom during the spring! It's definitely time for waking up and smelling the tulips (or roses). What are some inspiring words you love and live by?

“Peace and harmony is based on love” by Swami Satchidananda & “The setbacks in life are life”.

A life lived with love is a life well-lived! What are you working on right now that you’d like to share?

I recently wrapped up some lovely contributions to skincare/ritual brand LESSE along with a newsletter launch by SIGIL. I typically contribute to a variety of campaigns, but these two feel most genuine to me and my practices right now. LESSE is always contributing a proceed of their funds to organizations like No Kid Hungry and other non-profits of our choices. Sigil is an active leader and voice for the fellow LGBTQA+ community. I am constantly reminded by the magic in our practices as a community.

The power of a community can be so healing and the special connection that emerges is SO impactful. What’s a daily ritual that’s made an impact in your life?

Movement. Sometimes I just dance because I really love a song, but music definitely hits different and I have a special place in my heart for ’80s/'90s R&B/Pop/Quiet Storm Genres. It contributes to so many aspects within my rituals. It’s inspired a lot of areas within wellness as well, like cooking and nourishing my body. It’s always there for me.


Finally, what’s the last flower you bought?

Tulips! Haha, they are on sale everywhere and they are beautiful metaphors. They teach us patience and quality over quantity. Alas, they (we) always bloom.



If you would like to find more about Ryan and his work, his socials are linked below:

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