Robin Rosehill, Fleurotica

For today's Flower Person Interview, we chat with floral sculpture artist, Robin Hilleary. She is the founder of Fleurotica, an NYC-based floral design atelier. Her compositions are playful as they are pleasing, creative as they are comforting, and lively as they are loving. In short, her compositions are a reflection of who she is as a person, as shown throughout this interview!  

Hi Robin! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

i'm an artist :) i make floral sculptures for events, fashion, art, food, and love. 


Where are you from and where do you call home now?

i'm from portland, oregon, and i've been in new york city for a number of years. i'll probably never leave.  

New York City is surely a magical place to be! Growing up in Portland must have been an eco-friendly haven. Where did your love for flowers come from or what first drew you to flowers?

i've never not loved them (how could anybody not love them ?) - completely obsessed since day one! but my vocation has only been 100% flowers for a couple years. my mother sort of moonlighted as a florist when i was a child, and growing up in the pacific northwest there was a wild abundance of beautiful flowers, so i was in constant contact with them. i always considered myself an artist but only came to view floral design as an artist's medium via my wonderful friend megan [arambul, of fieldwork flowers] whom i assisted in portland - she galvanized my admiration and awe for the flowers and allowed me to see their curation, collection, and arrangement as an art form. 


Flowers are best when shared with those you love. Speaking of which, we've released a Mother's Day Gift Set, where you can enjoy your favorite flower infusion and share one too! On that note, what’s your favorite flower, and why?

icelandic poppies. i love how fickle they are, their inhospitable pods giving way to these sexy gossamer folds inside that are so generous but really have no desire to live once they're cut... so sexy and so difficult. 

I love that answer. And your choice of words. What are some inspiring words you love and live by?

"but he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.” 


As the Spring season is in full bloom, it must be pretty busy for you as a floral sculpture artist. What are you working on right now that you’d like to share?

so many collaborations, always and forever. just trying to consistently involve my loved ones, or those that i admire, in the work and use my tiny growing platform to bolster messaging i can get behind, and beauty and positive group thinking. i am naturally a bit too autonomous, and fleurotica has been the most wonderful impetus to work with others, a reminder that we must. that's the fuel for fire and how we continue to create work that breaks ground.


The flower community is an incredibly supportive one that reminds each other to stay well, loving, and positive. What’s a daily ritual that’s made an impact in your life?

honestly, just to listen. the more i endeavor to turn off (from technology) and ask questions (how they're feeling, what they need, what they know, if they might want to help me) of those around me, the more positive, productive, and patient i feel on my end.


Finally, what’s the last flower you bought?

well, all things considered, i haven't been to the chelsea flower market in a month, in lieu of my usual daily run. i've been loving the sweet flower guy who sells blooms outside of the park slope key foods. i have been visiting him regularly, although last time i went by i was just on a walk and stopped to say hello and he gifted me a beautiful rose :)

If you would like to find more about Robin and her work, her socials are linked below:

Fleurotica Website



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