Margaux Le Pierres, Designer.

Margaux Le Pierres is a designer based out of NYC. She moved to New York a decade ago to study Graphic Design — and just haven’t left.  She works as the design director at Fictive Kin — leading branding & digital product design for some fabulous companies like National Geographic & Kickstarter. 


Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec.  It was warm summers spent outside in the countryside mucking horse stalls and ‘breaking’ horses. It was cold cold days on the mountain skiing as a kiddo. It was a melting pot of cultures - which meant so much good food. It was a lot of school work. It was a big city, but the community I grew up in felt small minded at times. 


How did you end up doing what you do now?

I studied graphic design at University, and, despite not truly understanding what the ‘profession’ / ‘degree’ entailed, I fell in love with it. I luckily joined Hyperakt, my first job, when the company was digging into digital design. I was able to learn with them, and pick up some web chops. In this first year of work, I also had foot surgery. My foot did not seem to heal after the surgery, so I found myself at acupuncture, and then later studying restorative yoga and energy healing. Those two threads very briefly carve the path to where I am now: a graphic designer who launched a meditation app! 


What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness — a word that has accrued so much meaning in the last few years! I’d say my own definition of it would land somewhere along the lines of: a combination of thought patterns, movement and actions that facilitate an embodied sense of stability and spontaneity for any given individual. My own marker of wellness is when I am not thinking of being well.

Margaux Le Pierres

Do you have a daily ritual or practice/s that have made a difference in your wellbeing?

My morning meditation practice has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. In the moments when I have a consistent meditation practice, I can easily dip into a state of conscious action, breathe and thought more easily throughout the day (in any situation I may find myself). It’s a daily - needed- reminder, that lives beyond the actual practice itself that softness can solve all. 

In extreme moments of stress, it’s been a single anchor and reminder that I am okay because I have my body as a home.


What is something or someone you’ve found incredibly beautiful lately?

Two things come to mind.

1 - I’ve been moved to tears more than once in the last few months with the mere beauty of witnessing friends moving forward in their truth especially as it comes through in their art.

2 - I stumbled upon this Rumi poem as I was wandering down a street in Stockholm, contemplating how I crave for beauty in my life. I thought to myself, that I should finish John O’Donohue book on Beauty so that I could equip myself with all the arguments and knowledge on why seeking Beauty is not a superficial endeavor.

“Lovers find secret places
inside this violent world
where they make transactions
with beauty.

Reason says, Nonsense.
I have walked and measured the walls here.
There are no places like that.

Love says, There are.”

You can look up the rest of the poem :)


What is the most transformative book you have read?

Anatomy of the spirit by Caroline Myss


If you find out you only had a week left to live, how would you spend it?

I’d hike up remote lush mountain, with all of my favourite ingredients in my pack. There’d be lakes along the way to swim in, and they’d jolt me into silly laughter because they’d be so cold. At the top of the mountain, there would miraculously be an outdoor kitchen, where I’d cook a lavish meal for all my loved ones. They’d arrive, we’d eat, dance, and love each other for the rest of my hours.

How about some goals and dreams you currently have?

I have two concrete goals, and one very abstract one. We’ll start with the concrete ones: Setting up a sustainable independent design practice come the winter. Two: exploring how my art manifests itself in food or as food experiences.

I’ll do my best to describe my abstract dream. You know the feeling when your digestion is spot on? You can feel your body integrating the nutrients and the energy you receive from them. You feel tight, clear. There is nothing loose or extra… We’ll I dream of spending my time this way. I dream of there being a clarity and acceptance to when it is time to rest, to be active, to work, to work hard, to read, to learn. 


If you could recommend one Instagram account to follow, what would it be and why?

@jillianturecki. In additional to being a phenomenal yoga teacher, Jillian is a life and relationship coach. There are a lot of people saying a lot of things on Instagram — but never have I come across such relevant, and thought-through advice. What she posts is deeply relevant, and helpful for anyone single or in a relationship. No bullshit. 

What is The One Thing you do daily that brings you pure joy?

Laughter and cooking - I can’t choose between the two. It seems like a backwards answer, because I think we often see laughter as being an effect of joy, rather than the cause. I make myself laugh all the time, and it just feels like a hit of the purest joy. The sensory acts of cooking - washing, chopping, tossing, sprinkling are so meditative and joyous to me.  There are no other questions asked when I’m laughing or cooking - especially when doing both at the same time.  Signature dish: Mouhaha Soup (totally kidding).

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