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Hi! My name is Gayatri Nanda, and I’m an intern at The Qi. We are running the #Flower4Change campaign as a way to support three organizations in our community, that are creating change through the power of education. I am excited to be fundraising for the non-profit organization Girls Who Code, which focuses on closing the gender gap in computer science. For our Flower4Change campaign raffle we have partnered with some aligned mission-driven brands: The Sill, Palermo Body, Linné Botanicals, Raaka Chocolate, and Lauren’s All Purpose. For every $5 donation you will receive a raffle ticket to win our grand prize (worth over $500). For every $20 donation you will receive four raffle tickets, and a gift package will be mailed to you. Please find more details about our #Flower4Change Campaign on our GoFundMe page!Girls Who Code Flower4Change Campaign girls who code flower4change Girls Who Code is an organization which focuses on closing the gender gap in the computer science and the technology industry, which is a predominantly male dominated field with too many men, and too few women. An increased presence of women in computer science and technology is vital, as women bring a unique perspective. I support Girls Who Code as they highly value inclusion, diversity and equity. Additionally, the organization focuses on representing women from underrepresented minority communities. It is a misconception in society that boys are better at math than girls, girls are equally good at math and science. However, in society girls are not pushed to pursue math and science whereas boys are.Girls Who Code Book Flower4Change Campaign Personally, I would have loved to be able to learn coding at Girls Who Code when I was younger. It would have created an amazing foundation for me, as an undergraduate at New York University I minored in Integrated Digital Media. I felt at a little disadvantage, because all my peers knew how to code and I didn’t. This did not affect me academically, as I made sure I picked classes which did not require coding. I think when I was in high school, or a freshman in college I should have learned coding from an organization like Girls Who Code. I would have felt more comfortable, empowered and confident around other girls who shared the same eagerness to learn how to code.


Me in Middle SchoolFlower4Change Campaign

                                                           Me Now!Flower4Change I feel very strongly about Girls Who Code because, I don’t want women to feel intimidated by coding. I believe the key is to start young. All girls should be able to get the exposure to coding early, as society pushes boys towards coding and not girls. I wish I was pushed to learn coding when I was a teenager, and I want all girls to have an equal opportunity to learn how to code. This is why I am excited to support Girls Who Code through the #Flower4Change campaign. Girls Who Code uses its donations to help reach out and teach more girls coding through free programs, find and train educators, improve curriculums, and create better programs.Girls Who Code Flower4Change Campaign Girls Who Code Flower4Change Campaign For every $5 donated you will receive one raffle ticket to win our grand prize (worth over $500). For every $20 donated you will receive four raffle tickets, and a special gift package will be mailed to you. Please click on our GoFundMe page to make a donation, and to help create change. Thank you so much for supporting Girls Who Code through our Flower4Change campaign! :) 


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