Floral Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

On this rainy day here in NYC, we could all use a cool dose of color and vibrance in our life. And what better way to do this than to get lost in the rabbit hole of floral Instagram accounts. Did you know that photos can actually improve your standard of living just as the real thing can? It's true. Seeing as we're all staying inside for a while, it can be hard to remember exactly what the spring daffodils or the Easter tulips look like. So here's a compiled list of The Qi's favorite Instagram accounts showcasing new flowers every day. Scroll down, take a look, and immerse yourself in your favorite outdoor memory. Maybe even order yourself some flowers. 


Ode à la Rose


    Ode a la Rose is a New York City based florist company, quite literally started by "two French guys who couldn't find nice flowers in NYC". Their flowers come from eco-friendly farms in Ecuador, Colombia, and the Netherlands, so you're sure to get some of the best quality if you purchase from them. 

    Lewis Miller Design


      LMD is a beautiful floral studio in New York City. Their team goes above and beyond to provide the city with amazing arrangements, and I especially love their Flower Flashes. Be on the lookout for those!

      Floret Flower


        Floret Flowers is a lovely, family-owned farm established in 2008. They work so hard to provide some of the best quality flowers, whether they are common or uncommon, and grow everything on-site in Washington state. They also have some NY Times bestsellers. Check them out!

        Swallows and Damsons


          Anna Potter, owner of Swallows and Damsons, is a Sheffield-based florists with a twist of rustic and vintage appeal. Her designs are some of the most beautiful and inspiring I've ever seen, so you definitely cannot miss a chance to check out her page. 

          Grace Rose Farm


            Husband and wife duo, Gracie and Ryan, started their business from a shed cooler and living room wrapping station, and look at what it's grown into today. On a farm with the namesake of Gracie's grandmother, they grow some of the most beautiful flowers California can imagine. Easily one of my favorites. 



              Fleurotica is a good friend of The Qi and an amazing floral artist. The company caters to many different events and occasions, and represents flowers in the most unique of ways. If you are ever in New York (or just browsing Instagram) check Fleurotica out!

              The Flower Hat


                While maybe a niche market, florists and floral artists come from anywhere, and The Flower Hat comes at you from Bozeman, Montana. Run by Julio, The Flower Hat farm provides flowers for any occasion and are some of the most gorgeous designs I've seen. You can feel the effort put into each bloom, and if you can't make it to the farm, definitely try one of their workshops!

                Flora Forager


                  If you haven't been to Bridget's website, check it out right now! She, as the Flora Forager, creates amazing pieces of art using botanicals and plants that she literally forages. How perfect! I actually really want to purchase her Green Gables piece. Which would you get?

                  3 Porch Farm 


                  Brought to you by another husband and wife duo, Steve and Mandy, with a great backstory, comes 3 Porch Farm. They are located in North Georgia, so again, if you're ever driving through, definitely go see their solar-powered and bio-fueled marvel. It's amazing. 

                  Texture Florals


                    Live from Philadelphia, Texture Florals stay true to their name, adding exquisite texture to every bundle, shoot, and occasion they work. If you need a quick pick-me-up right now, go take a scroll through their page. You won't regret it!


                    * Header image via Getty Images

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