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Our first interview is with Blair Badenhop. Dynamic and charming, Blair is a copywriter and brand strategist who specializes in the wellness industry. Blair started out as a marketer with a background in integrative health and wellness, and now runs her own consultancy that has supported over 200 coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in creating distinct brand identities and copy.

 What is your typical day like?

I get up around 8:00am and while still in my PJ’s grab a big glass of room temp water with lemon and sit in my kitchen journaling about my intentions for the day. Then, I make a nice hot cup of herbal tea and a small breakfast before I take a look at my calendar and to-do list. Some days, I have podcast interviews and client calls, so I work from home. And others, I have in person meetings and business tasks of my own to complete, so I usually do that from my co-working space, The Wing. By the early evening, I am wrapping up work and getting dinner started with my husband. And after a healthy dinner, we usually curl up on the couch and watch a documentary or Netflix show. Before bed, I plug my phone in across the room so I’m not tempted to look at it until I get the following morning.

Which parts of your day do you find stressful, and how do you manage those moments?

Stress usually happens for me when my calendar is packed and there is a lot of client onboarding or when I’m sitting with lots of writer’s block before a deadline. In those moments, I pause, step away from my computer, and get re-centered either my journaling, doing some breath work, meditating, or taking a walk. I also find that when I get into nature, I feel much better.

What are your usual self-care habits?

My favorites are journaling, taking a long walk, trying out a new yummy recipe, sipping on tea and looking out the window, having a great conversation with a loved one, taking a long, hot bath, giving myself the day off when I really need to rest, and creating boundaries around my time and energy so I don’t overextend myself.

What is the most transformative book you have read?

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle was the first personal growth book I ever read, and it shifted so much about how I saw myself and the world. So, that’s one of the most transformative for sure.

If you find out you only had a week left to live how would you spend it?

I would rent a big house on the beach somewhere warm and fly all of my closest friends and family there to spend the week with me. It would be a celebration filled with fun moments, laughter, and reminiscing on our favorite memories.

To you, where is the most fun, interesting or cool spot in your city?

Wow, that’s a tough one. New York City is full of interesting places—it’s a challenge to experience it all even when you live here! One of the coolest places I’ve been recently is Dumbo House in Brooklyn. The decor and setting there is unreal. I’m also a huge fan of Central Park. It’s so amazing to step inside and feel like you’re not in the city anymore.

What is one helpful and informative Instagram account you would recommend following?

I really love Jennifer Racioppi’s (@jennracioppi) account. She’s an astrologist and shares really helpful info about what’s happening in the cosmos.

What is The One Thing you do daily, that keeps you balanced and in check?

Get hugs from my husband and taking the time to transition out of work mode into present mode.

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