10 Simple Ways To Be Happier

1. Dink a cup of Blue Lotus Tea blue lotus flower de stress

Blue Lotus induces deep calmness, and relaxation because it has high levels of Vitamin B, and pyridoxine. Pyridoxine is able to affect neuro receptors in the brain, which affect your mental well being. Pyridoxine is able to create a mental state of positivity, and allows you to de-stress. Furthermore, this flower has liensinine, and isoliensinine which work as antidepressants. 

2.Drink a cup of Chrysanthemum Tea chrysanthemum flower tea rejuvenate Chrysanthemum helps detox, which is helpful in calming the nervous system and nerves. This blooming flower tea can be helpful in alleviating tension headaches, and dizziness caused by anxiety. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea will rejuvenate the brain, which helps clear an overworked and stressed mind. 

3.Put a Shangri-La Rose Face Mask rose face mask de stressThe smell of roses has calming and analgesic qualities, and when on your face will help soothe your skin and mind. Also, the blooming flower has flavonoids, which decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Rose promotes tranquility and detoxification, and is known to regulate mood. Furthermore, rose is amazing for skin as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, that will soothe, cleanse and hydrate. It is recommended to put on a Shangri-La rose face mask at night before bedtime for 10-15 mins, and rinse it off with warm water before sleeping. This face mask will relax face muscles, helping you de-stress, and sleep better.

DIY Shangri-La Rose Face Mask 


1 Shangri-La Rose 

1 teaspoon Honey 

1 teaspoon Plain Yogurt 

2 teaspoons Rose Water


Mix all ingredients together. 

4.Do yogayoga muscles stretch posture self care Practicing yoga increases serotonin, and oxytocin levels in the body. Also, yoga is able to decrease blood pressure, and levels of cortisol. Deep breathing exercises in yoga are a powerful stress management technique, as they decrease stress and anxiety. Yoga helps straighten your posture, which helps uplift your mood, as good posture strengthens the brain to body connection. 

5.Journaling journaling self care thoughts Journaling helps with emotional well being, as it allows the writer to become more connected with their thoughts, desires and inner needs. Journaling allows the brain to regulate emotions, make you more self confident and able understand your emotional needs better. Furthermore, regularly journaling is able to engage the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creativity. 

6.Read reading tea wellness happiness Reading makes you feel more satisfied, and content, because reading is able to put your mind in a state of pleasure, which is similar to what happens to the mind during meditation. When things are difficult to process, reading can help you escape. Reading helps you understand the world around you, and get through a hard time. Fiction books, blogs, and journals on topics that interest you are light reads, which will make you feel good, keep your mind motivated, and promote curiosity. 

7.Eat a sweet treatshortbread cookies the qi blooming flowers Sugar can help reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, however it is best to have sweets in moderation. Try to find sweet treats which are natural, organic, sweetened with brown sugar or honey instead of cane sugar. A sweet treat can make you feel calmer, and increase low blood pressure. An example of a healthier sweet treat option are: tea shortbread cookies made with real blooming flowers. 

8.Take a walkwalking wellness physical well being A walk gets the body moving, allowing you to take in some fresh air, walking for at least 30 minutes everyday is recommended. Walking makes you feel more energized, and positive, it can allow you to have some alone time, and clear your mind. Walking is a great time to explore your neighborhood, reflect and distract yourself from any negative thoughts. 

9. Have a rejuvenating floral bathfloral bath Stress can cause muscles in the body to contract, and become sore. A warm flower bath can help relax muscles. Baths can provide physical comfort, happiness and relaxation. Incorporating flowers in your bath will help your emotional and physical well being through aromatherapy, and the healing properties of blooming flowers. The best flowers to incorporate in your bath are: lotus to reduce anxiety and make skin soft, roses for dry skin and aromatherapy, lavender for aromatherapy, peonies to tone the skin and sunflowers to aid damaged skin. 

10. Aromatherapyblooming rose aromatheraphy emotional wellnessAromatherapy is a natural remedy for treating anxiety, stress and lifting your mood. Aromatherapy is when smell is able to affect receptors in the nose, which send messages to the nervous system. This affects the chemical system in the body, and improves your overall emotional well being. The best flowers for aromatherapy are: rose, lavender, valerian and jasmine.

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