10 Most Popular Teas and their Benefits

Whether you're a coffee person in the morning and a tea person at night, there is something for everybody when it comes to these special little beverages. 

Tea is very versatile depending on the person drinking it. You have your white tea, oolong tea, black tea, even milk tea (one of my favorites), and many more. Adding flowers petals or fresh fruit to a steaming cup can provide for more flavor and health benefits. 

It is also very rounded. Teas soothes the senses in so many ways. When you are drinking it, the hot liquid and aromatic flavors tend to your nerves, while the scent grounds you, and essences brewing dance around in your cup. 

We all can agree, tea is a great way to start and end the day, but everybody has a favorite...

We asked you on Instagram what your favorite tea was and here are your answers below!

1. Jasmine

jasmine flower tea picture

Jasmine tea is scented with the aroma of jasmine flowers, and can be used in either a white, black, or green tea base. Green tea is the typical base though. Some of its benefits include relieving stress, building the immunes system, and providing antibacterial properties for the body. 

2. Lavender

lavender tea picture

Lavender tea is an herbal tea typically made from English and French species of lavender. You steep the dried flower buds in water, and viola! a naturally caffeine-free afternoon tea. 

3. Marigold

marigold tea picture

Marigold tea is an umbrella term where teas like calendula fall under. Marigold tea is great for glowing skin, but due to its anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities, you can also use it for cold and flu season.

4. Chamomile

chamomile tea picture

Chamomile tea is a classic herbal infusion. It is made from dry chamomile flowers or essence, and steeped in hot water. Some benefits can include improving sleep, digestive, blood, and heart health. 

5. Hibiscus

hibiscus tea picture

Hibiscus tea is another herbal tea infusion made from dried parts of the hibiscus plant. It has a tart flavor and is another one of my favorites. If you try it and like it, go try some of Trader Joe's dried hibiscus flower treats. You won't regret it!

6. Rose  

The Qi rose tea picture

Rose tea is a clarifying herbal infusion made from the fragrant petals and buds of rose flowers. It provides a nourishing and immensely hydrating dose of fluids. Some of its other benefits include menstrual, muscle, liver, blood, and immune support. 

7. Butterfly pea

butterfly pea tea picture

Butterfly pea tea is beautiful caffeine-free herbal tea, made from dried butterfly pea flowers, steeped in water. When fully steeped, it turns an amazing deep blue color. Here is a great recipe for making an iced butterfly pea flower tea latte if you want to try it out!

8. Oolong

oolong tea picture

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, made from the same plants used to make green and black teas. It can be a tasty and refreshing beverage, while also working to help diabetes, heart health, weight loss, brain function, and more. 

9. Earl grey

earl grey tea and cookies picture

Earl grey tea is a tea blend flavored with the oil of bergamot. No, bergamot is not just a nice smelling candle! Earl grey tea is one of the most recognized around the world, with typically a black tea base and tangy notes of citrus. 

10. Matcha

matcha tea and whisk picture

Matcha tea starts as a powder made from finely ground green tea leaves. It literally means "powdered tea". Matcha tea is great to drink if you need some natural energy, plus a dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and metabolic support. 

Do you have another favorite tea not on the list? Comment it below and let us know!


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